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Well Dressed Rolex Thieves Rob NYC Watch Store

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Well Dressed Rolex Thieves Rob NYC Watch Store

Well Dressed Rolex Thieves Rob NYC Watch Store

If you walk into an upscale watch store wearing a hoodie and jeans you might stand out from the shop’s regular clientele, which is why a trio of thieves dressed up to the nines for their daring daylight robbery in New York City on Tuesday. Witnesses report that three men dressed in suits, ties and hats strolled into Tourneau on swanky Madison Avenue around 1:20 p.m. and headed straight for the Rolex display in the rear of the store.

While two of the crooks smashed open a case using hammers, the third fired a semi-automatic handgun in the direction of a worker. Two shots were fired but fortunately no one was hit. All three robbers quickly grabbed dozens of Rolex watches, stuffed their booty into duffel bags and fled through the front door onto 53rd Street.

One of the men was soon apprehended by a retired police officer working for the store, but the other two fled into a subway station and got away. The 19-year-old suspect is now sitting in jail and his bag of watches is likely to be used as evidence against him. The NYPD is currently looking for the other two fugitives and is checking out surveillance video from the store.

So far no estimate of the take from this heist has been released but several dozen Rolex watches must be worth a pretty penny. Of course, problems are likely to arise when the two remaining robbers try to turn the fruits of their crime into cash. You can bet that every pawn shop and watch store in the area has already been notified to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell a brand new Rolex.

It’s fairly certain that these guys do not have lucrative careers as international jewelry thieves ahead of them and will not be the subjects of an action film called “The Great Rolex Robbery.”

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  1. What an idea! The Great Rolex Robbery 🙂


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