Sjoo Sandstrom


SJOO Sandstrom UTC Extreme II | Watch Review

SJOO Sandstrom UTC Extreme II SJOO Sandstrom, a brand you may not be familiar with, and might not be able to correctly pronounce (see how I completely butchered the pronunciation in the video). Pronunciation aside, SJOO Sandstrom has quite the array of models, and though I have only seen one in hand to date, I will say I am excited to see more if the opportunity presents itself. Their models are n...

Sjoo Sandstrom Swedish Night World Timer

At first glance, the watch on the right is a conservatively styled dressy watch with a clean, uncluttered face. A closer look and you might wonder what the pushers are for, as it appears to lack complications. Via, say hello to a brand we've never heard of before, Sjoo Sandstrom....

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