Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic White Link Exudes Charming Elegance

Filippo Loreti Watch News

Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic

Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]talian watch boutique Filippo Loreti has many beautiful timepieces in its ever-expanding collection, but few stand out quite like the Okeanos Classic White Link, a luxurious entry into the company’s Okeanos range of watches. 
Okeanos timepieces have gained a reputation for providing a perfect experience for the modern man. With a nod to watches for the active lifestyle, the range is testament to Filippo Loreti’s commitment to crafting beautiful handmade watches. Drawing inspiration for Italian and Greek history, Filippo Loreti watches are the definition of timeless. 
The easy elegance the company has become known for is in full bloom with the Okeanos Classic White Link, perhaps the coolest of all the watches in the Filippo Loreti collection. By cool, we mean an icy timepiece the lives up to its name as a Classic White… it looks like a shard of ice among other watches. 
Believe us, that’s a good thing. The Okeanos Classic White Link manages one of the great feats of watch design, it both stands out from the crowd and provides understated charm for any fashion choice. 

At the same time, the new entry into the Okeanos series delivers affordability in line with the rest of the Filippo Loreti collection. It’s one of the most noteworthy aspects of the company, its commitment to providing true luxury timepieces without compromise at an affordable price. 
The Italian watchmaker has found a clever system for allowing its watches to remain affordable choices for collectors. Specifically, Filippo Loreti says, “We want to make luxury accessible and part of your daily life.”
To achieve this, the company takes a two-prong approach. Firstly, Filippo Loreti avoids massive markups that are the standard of the industry and sometimes see watches cost up to 16 times more than they real cost. Secondly, the company bypasses traditional distribution channels in favor of a direct approach that means the customer buys directly from the brand. 
Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic
It’s a simple but effective approach that allows watches like the Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic White Link to be an accessible luxurious watch for the modern man. So, with its down to earth prices and stellar design, how does the Classic White Link stack up in terms of hardware specifications?
Very well is the answer. It is named after the Titan god Oceanus, who was in control of all the fresh water in the world. While having a nice story to link a watch is great, the Okeanos series from Filippo Loreti takes true inspiration from Greek mythology, including the intricate engraving of the trident of Oceanus on the caseback and crown. 
Homages are nice, but when inspiration is combined with excellent craftsmanship, that’s a winning combo. In terms of materials, Filippo Loreti has opted for a stainless-steel construction for the link bracelet, along with sapphire-coated mineral glass for the covering. Under the hood, Miyota 2025 is running the show, making timekeeping accurate. 

Living up to its name, the Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos features 100-meter water resistance and luminescent hand and hour marks, meaning it is ideal for shallow reef diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, the Classic White Link also boasts a directional rotating bezel that will help to measure diving time and depth. It may not be a true diving watch, but this timepiece is an excellent diver, nevertheless. 
Main Specifications
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel Link
  • Movement: MIYOTA 2025
  • Water Resistance:100M (10ATM)
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 11.9mm
  • Glass: Sapphire Coated Mineral Glass
Getting It Right Again
Filippo Loreti has only been with us since 2015 and took the modern approach of kickstarting through a crowdfunding campaign. Since then, the company has become well known amongst watch aficionados looking to add extra quality to the collection. With thousands of customers under its belt, Filippo Loreti continues to score hit after hit. 
The Filippo Loreti’s New Okeanos Classic White Link personifies the journey Filippo Loreti has been on. It is an accomplished watch that speaks to men of all styles and ages. Handcrafted and available as a limited edition, this is something many watch fans will be excited about. 
Check it out here:

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