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Helson Buccaneer 47mm Review

After being very much impressed by the Helson Shark Diver 42mm, we were curious to see what Helson would release next. Regardless of our estimations, the new Buccaneer 47mm would have been hard to predict. The original Helson Buccaneer was a 45mm GMT diver with an external bezel and a stainless steel case and was one of the early stars of the Helson brand. This new Buccaneer 47mm has almost nothin...

Exclusive Hands-On With The New Helson Buccaneer 47mm

Allow us introduce you to the newest model from Helson Watches, the Buccaneer 47mm. This new piece from Helson boasts a 47mm titanium cushion case, an internal crown-operated bezel, and a beautifully integrated domed sapphire crystal. This new Buccaneer is quite a departure from the original Buccaneer‘s design but the new 47mm model does retain much of the original’s military-inspired ...

Helson Shark Diver 42 Review

Helson watches is one of the relatively new group of small dive watch brands which has cropped up in  the wake of expanding production capabilities in China that offer competent manufacturing and quality control processes to those willing to design a watch primarily made of catalog components (case, bracelet, etc). The dive watch collector base is ravenous and fairly large so there are many c...

Introducing the Helson Shark Diver

Presenting the new dive watch company Helson Watches and their first model, the Shark Diver. Powered by the trusty Miyota 8215 (as seen in the Halios Holotype and others), it's very attractive new entry. Specifications: Water resistant to a over-engineered 2,000m (6,600ft or so). You'll not survive nearly long as...

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