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ZINVO Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan

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ZINVO Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan

Perfecting One of the Most Unique Watches

ZINVO Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]here are many boutique watchmakers selling excellent timepieces, but many of them focus on delivering traditionally styled watches. Every now and then, a brand bursts onto the scene to break the mold. One such brand is ZINVO, a watchmaker that takes the best of production techniques to put a modern twist on what it creates.
This approach is personified by the Blade series, perhaps ZINVO’s most ambitious range of watches. Just one look at a Blade and you’ll probably want one. These watches are instantly recognizable, unique, and contemporary.
However, ZINVO has performed a balancing act because the ultra-modern Blade is also elegant and a fantastic companion for casual or dress fashion choices. It’s also worth remembering the ZINVO Blade is a collection of customizable watches. Yes, you can create your own unique look based on your vision of the watch you want.
Los Angeles-based ZINVO has become hugely popular in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of watches sold says more than any words we could say… the company’s success speaks for itself! With the Blade and other series in its catalog, ZINVO has sparked a cultural change and set a trend amongst watch aficionados and general consumers.
Creating a unique watch is easy. However, creating something that is combines uniqueness with functionality and excellent craftsmanship is a little tougher. That’s why ZINVO has become so popular. Far more than just having a product that stands out from the crowd, the company builds watches that have pure excellence in design and construction.
When you throw into the mix an affordable price point and stellar customer support, it’s clear why ZINVO’s high-quality watches have scored big.
ZINVO Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan
So, the Blade series encapsulates ZINVO’S concept of high-functioning style and uncompromised quality. With the Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan, the company has taken its vision to the next level with two industrial-styled watches that can effortlessly complete any fashion choice.
Both watches sport the Blade signature second spin turbine, which keeps the watch face in perpetual movement. This proprietary design and movement are what help to make ZINVO’s watches the trend setters they are.

Zinvo Blade Gunmetal


As the name suggests, the ZINVO Blade Gunmetal boasts a gunmetal grey casing that makes it the most industrial of the Blade series. That’s absolutely not a bad thing because this timepiece is perhaps the most outright cool-looking in the whole Blade catalog. Trust us, when you see the rest of the series, that’s no mean feat.
Size: 44MM x 12MM
Case: Stainless Steel Gunmetal
Dial: Second Spin Turbine Matte Black
Strap: 100% Genuine Leather
Glass: Scratch-Proof Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Automatic 42H Power Reserve
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
If the standard strap is not your thing, there are numerous customization options for the Blade Gunmetal. Some of the best alternatives are Carbon Leather, Crocodile Stamp, Q1 Black, and S5 Grey.
ZINVO Blade Gunmetal and Blade Titan

Zinvo Blade Titan

If you want the ZINVO Blade at its most exclusive, then the ZINVO Blade Titan is the watch for you. It is in some ways the encapsulation of the company’s vision for this series. Full of eye-catching design choices, excellence in function, attention to detail, and build quality.
The Blade Titan gets a 100% titanium case, hence the name, and is finished in sublime military green. ZINVO has leveraged Automatic Seiko movement to power the ultra-unique second spin Turbine. This time, for the exclusive Titan, the turbine is finished with a luminous glow and dark accents. This is the most ambitious Blade to date!
Size: 44MM x 12MM
Case: Titanium Green Plated
Dial: Second Spin Turbine Matte Black
Strap: 24MM Silicone
Glass: Scratch-Proof Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Seiko NH35
Water Resistant: 5 ATM

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