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Casio PRW-5000Y-10R Review

Atomic Casio Casio Pathfinder Tech

This year Casio took the PRW-5000 we reviewed last year and gave it a makeover: PVD case, blue highlights and an almost stealth look. Let’s start with the specs for the new version, model number PRW-5000Y-10R:

  • Altimeter/barometer, compass and thermometer
  • Tough solar power, 5 month power reserve
  • Tough movement with automatic hand position correction
  • Water resistant to 100m (330ft)
  • Six-band atomic (radio) receiver, rated for +- 15 seconds per month if no signal
  • Altimeter: -2,300ft to 32,800ft (-700m/10,000m) A good watch for Everest, perhaps!
  • Temperature sensor: 14F to 140F (-10 to 60C).
  • Mineral crystal
  • Black ion-plated stainless steel case, buckle and bezel
  • Rubber strap with color-matched logo on keeper
  • Small inset multifunction LCD for numbers, graphs and indicators
  • World time, 29 time zones plus UTC
  • 1-hour stopwatch, 1/100th resolution
  • 1-hour countdown timer
  • Five daily alarms
  • Digital compass, 20 seconds of readings at a time, 1 degree resolution
  • Casio module 5114 (PDF manual here)
  • 49mm by 14.6mm, 85g

By way of comparison, here’s the previous model with orange details. 

A bit bolder, and the plain steel case shows up more as well. I really like the new version, I think the choice of dark blue and black IP adds to the versatility of the watch without detracting a bit.



Since the previous review has a comprehensive review of features, let’s spend time on the changed appearance.

The bezel is now a deep, reflective blue that looks black until you get very close. Similarly, the display arc from 11 to 3 is also deep blue, as is the multifunction second hand and ‘ProTrek’ logo on the dial. It’s a really good look.

Another closeup from the other side shows the logo and multi-level chapter ring.

Yes, even the button text and labels are blue!

As is the logo on the strap keeper. Nice IP on the buckle, and the subtly beveled edge of the strap – little things that add up.

Nicely done caseback, also shows the composite steel/rubber construction.

It wears great, and as I said in person the blue highlights are hard to see from more than normal viewing distance.

It’s not small, but it’s tapered to go under baggy cuffs and quite lightweight at 85g.

On my 7.5″ wrist, there’s quite a bit of strap left and it’d have no problems going over a wetsuit with the stock strap.

I said in the previous review that the PRW5000 was my favorite Pathfinder, and in all honesty this one has just taken the crown. The black case and blue highlights make for a subtler, more expensive look that calls attention to itself much less; you could easily wear this in a semi-casual work environment now and go straight from desk to trail.

List price on this model is $480, which is $30 more than the last revision; you can still get the orange version if you prefer it. Since the module is the same, you really are just paying for the style difference. As the high-end Pathfinder, it’s fairly expensive but in my opinion still a good value. As always, Casio has a range of prices and features in the Pathfinder series if this model is too expensive for your budget. (See our PAG-240 review for a current example.)

I think Casio has a winner here. The combination of legible analog display, usable digital for graphs and numbers plus improved appearance makes for a functional, versatile and durable watch.

Our thanks to Casio for the review watch.


  1. This colorway blows away the orange version. Is there any functional difference between the two models?

  2. I don’t care to own analog watches. I’ve tried to find a Pathfinder to my liking but the PAW-2000 only have 100M water resist and no Shock-Resist. The PAW-1500s have only 5-band Atomic and I don’t want that Moon/Tide crap clogging up the screen. Basically I want a G-Shock Pathfinder w/ 200M water resist, Tough Solar & 6-band Atomic with the functionality of the PAW-2000.

  3. Love it!!! I agree, that smokey blue is absolutely sick. I’m in the market for another G – this might be it. 

  4. I really do not see any notable difference in features, basically the same watch. though i do agree that this combination of colours looks better. a true aficionado of pathfinders like myself will certainly be tempted to include this model in the collection.

  5. I decided to buy one.  I did a Google price search for the Casio prw-5000y-10r but came up with a very similar watch called the: Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Solar Power Watch PRG-500Y-1.  This was being sold on a website called Top One  for $269. Is this the same watch?  If not, please let me know where it can be found from a good dealer at a good price.

    • It is absolutely the same watch. it has identical features and looks exactly the same. The cause of the confusion is that this watch is called PRW-5000Y-1 at Casio’s USA site and PRG-500Y-1 at Casio’s international web site. However, it is the same timepiece.

  6. The PRW-5000Y and PRG-500Y is almost identical in functionality with the PRW-5000Y has 2 features: atomic time keeping & tough movement. Whist the PRG-500Y does not have these features. PRG-500Y is marketed for countries that not able to received atomic time calibration, therefore the price is cheaper that PRW-5000Y.

  7. Guest: OK ! This past Friday this new to me, Casio arrived and it is  BEAUTIFUL and does `things’ my other watches
    don’t. (correct English?) Casio tech support needs improvement,but after the `set-up’___I have just sat an
    looked at it for hours then comparing it to other watches I own. The temp is almost on the dot, the altimeter is spot on and barometric pressure also. Rotate your wrist 45 degrees and a soft light is on for just the right amount of time. First Casio in 25 years and just thrilled with the gadgets included. It as been out since May 2011, and there  was only one dealer in the USA that has it, Casio was OUT For good !  Tourneau-on-line has it for full list price,
    with an amazing return policy they usually DO NOT ALLOW ! Casio well done !

  8. PRG500y is not Atomic while the 5000y is Atomic. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!

  9. This watch looks sweet, although it would be even more sweet if the band was blacken titanium! I tend to dislike plastic bands because they always tend to crack and break after years of use. Also they don’t fit as well as metal bands and look cheap.

  10. hi how can i keep the 24 format in the led screen , it keeps going back to the date

  11. i got a bunch of watches..i saw this somewhere and i’m not a gadget guy but there was just something neat about it…anyway i saw it…i bought it…i’m wearing it


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