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Buy a Jaguar and Get a Bremont Watch to Match

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Looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything? Provided price is no object, you may be able to pick up a unique package deal. With your purchase of one of the last Lightweight E-Types being built by Jaguar Heritage, you get the chance to buy a matching bespoke watch from Bremont. You’ll have to act fast, because there will be only six sets of this dream team available.

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

Way back in 1963, Jaguar committed to build 18 of the Limited Edition Lightweight E-Type vehicles but stopped production at only 12. Now, more than 50 years later, the luxury auto maker will finally be building the final six and are commemorating the occasion by partnering up with Bremont watches. Matched up with each of the sporty autos will be an equally decadent luxury timepiece from Bremont.

Bremont co-founder Giles English called the creation of the watch “a fascinating project” and cited using the Jaguar archives for inspiration, like checking out the exact font that had been used for the original rev counters. He explained why it was so challenging to make such a limited edition.

“The fact that we were required to make just six examples enabled us to be very creative in a way that’s not always possible when designing a watch for larger scale production,” stated English. “That’s why we have been able to feature touches such as using real wood for the rim of the ‘steering wheel’ winding rotor. Each watch is, essentially, bespoke.”

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

The 43mm watch sports a black dial that resembles the Lightweight RPM gauge down to the “red zone” quadrant. Each watch will have a casing made from the same aluminum used for the body panels of the autos anodized to match the color of the accompanying car. Other stylish touches will include a winding crown engraved with the pattern of 1963-vintage Dunlop racing tires and straps constructed from the same Connolly leather that adorns the interior trim. The back of each watch will bear the engine number of its automotive partner.

Unfortunately, Bremont will not be tossing a free watch into the deal when you buy one of these six traffic-stopping automobiles. Instead, the purchaser of the car will be offered the first chance to add a matching watch to the bill. No prices for either auto or watch have been released yet, but if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Watch

These six Jags and their matching watches are likely to be snapped up by ultra rich Baby Boomers who spent their formative years lusting for a 1963 E-Type but by the time they could afford such a car, they couldn’t find one.

While the rest of us, or at least the rest of us who can afford a Bremont watch, may not be able to pick up a Jag + watch set, there will be a larger-production model of the timepiece coming in the future. Every time you check the watch, you can fantasize about driving that limited edition E-Type Jaguar through your own James Bond 1960s-era superspy fantasy.

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  1. Great watch and good advertising! 🙂 I like old cars 🙂


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