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Aquadive is Back With Three (Mostly) New Models

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Any vintage dive watch collector will know the name Aquadive. The Aquadive brand was a well known dive watch manufacturer in the 1960’s and 70’s, making many famous and now highly desirable (vintage) models. After many years lying dormant, Aquadive has been risen from the grave with new models now ready for ordering. Unlike some recent brand re-launches, Aquadive will be staying true to the original brand and product. With new models offering the authentic Aquadive aesthetic but updated with modern movements and technology, it will be exciting to see these models on wrist as they start to reach buyers. Here is a more detailed break down of the three new Aquadive watches:

Bathyscaphe 300

This model will only appeal to those with very large wrists. The case is 47 x 20 mm and is actually a NOS (new old stock) case dating back to the 70’s when Aquadive used it to house a depth gauge. In our eyes, the 20mm height will direct this model at a very niche market. The NOS case does feature a modern movement, crystal and ceramic bezel so it should have no trouble living up to its duties. Good luck taking the Bathyscaphe 300 too deep as it is water resistant to 3000 m (10,000 ft). The pricing is rather high on this model with preorder pricing set at $1990 (ships mid December) and full retail price slated at $2990. This is quite expensive, especially for a dive watch powered by the common ETA 2824-2. Collectors and dive watch fanatics will need to decide if the once-renowned Aquadive name can command a luxury price point in a modern market.


Bathyscaphe 100 DLC 
  • 42 x 15 mm
  • 49 mm Lug to lug
  • ETA 2836-2 Automatic movement
  • Helium release valve between bottom lugs (six o’clock)
  • German made case with optional DLC coating (3500 hv)
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Unidirectional 120 click bezel with ceramic insert
  • 1000 m/3300 ft
  • 22 mm Lugs (includes ISOfrane strap)
  • 60’s dive watch styling
  • Numbered edition
  • Stainless case $1990, DLC for $2190 ($1290/$1490 via preorder, respectively)
The Bathyscape 100 offers much of the aesthetic appeal of its chubbier sibling but in a more svelte package. Measuring a completely reasonable 42 x 15 mm this vintage-style diver has a lot to offer. The case is German made and can be optioned with a DLC (diamond like carbon) coating which not only looks great with the orange minute hand but also carries a 3500 hv hardness rating. The very thin layer of carbon that the steel is treated with makes it much more scratch resistant and should keep the Bathyscaphe 100 looking fresh for longer. Along with the high tech coating the Bathyscaphe 100 features an ETA 2836-2 automatic movement, a sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel insert to further increase scratch resistance. This model does not use any NOS parts but we still feel it will be a very successful design. Pricing for the stainless steel model is $1290 via the preorder and $1490 for the DLC coated version. Once these models start shipping in mid December pricing jumps up to $1990 (SS) and $2190 (DLC). If you like the styling, jump on the preorder price to get the best value.


Vintage NOS Diver
  • 36 mm Stainless steel NOS case
  • 40 mm Lug to lug
  • NOS heslite domed crystal
  • ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement
  • Unidirectional bezel with aluminum insert
  • Modern dial with Superluminova treated hands and indicies
  • 200 m/660 ft WR
  • Included Nato strap
  • Limited edition while new old stock lasts
  • $1299 ($890 for previous Aquadive owners)
The Vintage NOS Diver is essentially made from a leftover case and crystal from the Aquadive’s golden years of the 1960’s. The NOS 36 mm stainless steel case is fitted with an original heslite crystal but the dial, movement and gaskets are all modern. The NOS Diver models will be limited but the Aquadive site doesn’t specify how many pieces will be in the edition. If you enjoy vintage dive watches but haven’t jumped into the deep end because you want something “new” or are fearful of difficulties in getting a vintage movement serviced, the NOS Diver may be a great choice. If you already own an Aquadive model you can get a considerable discount on the NOS Diver lowering its purchase price from $1299 to $890. The Vintage NOS Diver is available now for purchase directly from the Aquadive website. If you’re interested in learning about Aquadive’s history or would like to see a selection of vintage models, be sure to check the “Heritage” area of their website. Aquadive was such a cool and well-respected brand and it will be exciting to see if they can continue to innovate now as they have in the past.

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