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Timex Vibrating Alarm Watch

My regular readers know that I love four features in watches: solar, atomic, countdown timers, and vibrating alarms. The first three are relatively easy to get these days, but a vibrating alarm is a far less common feature, and often means ordering a watch from Japan, and/or spending a fair amount of money.

But now Timex has three nice and inexpensive solutions: the 41731, 41701, and the 41741. All are simple, nice-looking, affordable analog watches with easy-to-set vibrating alarms.

The Timex Vibrating Alarm line actually has two types of alarms: the over 60-minute alarm, and the under 60-minute alarm. The over 60-minute alarm will vibrate twice per day, 12 hours apart, at the desired time, and the under 60-minute alarm will vibrate once per hour on the desired minute. Both can be set using the crown on the lower right-hand side of the case, or simply by rotating the bezel.

The full feature set of the Timex Vibrating Alarm watches includes:

  • Two types of vibrating alarms.
  • Ability to set the alarm using the alarm crown or the bezel.
  • Date.
  • INDIGLO illumination.
  • Water resistant to 50 meters, or about 165 feet.
  • 4.5 year battery.

The Timex Vibrating Alarm watches sell for between $65 and $75, and Timex offers free shipping right to your door. Download the Timex Vibrating Alarm watch manual for more information.

Other watches with vibrating alarms:


  1. where do i find the set of Timex Vibrating Alarms mentioned in the article please?

    • This article is literally 10 years old. They might not even exist in this configuration anymore. I would check the Timex website, but if nothing there, check Ebay.


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