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An Introduction to the Tag Heuer Aquaracer

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In its most modern form the Aquaracer, Tag Heuer’s dive watch line, can be had in fifty plus different variations that span quartz and automatic movements, chronographs, big dates and 3 handers. Nearly all of Tag’s technology from the Calibre 5 automatic to the Calibre 16 chronograph and the Calibre S Electro-Mechanical movement can be found in their Aquaracer dive watches. Being fan of relatively traditional dive watch styling our favourites are the new 500m and 300m automatics (ref WAJ2110 and WAN2110, respectively). These divers duke it out with fierce competition at hotly contested $1500 – $3000 price point and may just deserve a spot on your most wanted list.

WAJ2110 – 500m Calibre 5

  • 43 x 14 mm
  • Tag Calibre 5 (ETA 2824)
  • Sapphire crystal with AR
  • Rubber insert in bezel
  • Date with cyclops at 9 o’clock
  • Auto helium escape valve (HeV)
  • 500m WR
  • Bracelet or rubber strap
  • MSRP: $2750


This is Tag Heuer’s premium, non-chronograph diver and there is a lot to like including high contrast styling with an innovative rubber bezel and a gorgeously detailed dial. The 43 x 14 mm case is nicely sized given its 500m water resistance. This is being marketed as a tool dive watch and even has grip studs on the bezel for use with diving gloves and includes an HeV, I don’t even dive and I still find these features cool. The price point is very high given that the Calibre 5 movement inside is essentially a Tag Heuer decorated version of the ETA 2824 which can be found in dive watches for a fifth of the 500m’s asking price. Indeed, when you get a known brand name on the dial things tend to get quite a bit more expensive than your average indie brand. The Tag Aquaracer 500m can be found at a discount from retailers in both brick and mortar or online settings and, provided you buy from an authorized dealer, Tag watches carry a 2 year international warranty.

I love the styling of the 500m diver, I think it looks both classy and rugged all at once. The only problem with the design is the cyclops, which adds clutter and the date isn’t so small that you need a magnifier and the possible longevity of a rubber bezel. Its tough to say how it will age and how much of its age will show, especially when competitors like Oris have moved to ceramic bezels for their serious dive watches. This style is also available with a silver or blue dial, a rose gold bezel and even a full black version with a PVD coated titanium case and yellow luminous markers and hands. Given its price point well below Rolex and Omega’s divers we think the WAJ2110 500m will be a successful model for Tag Heuer and hope that in the future there is an option to have one without the cyclops.

WAN2110 – 300m Calibre 5

  • 41 x 12mm
  • Tag Heuer Calibre 5 (ETA 2824)
  • Sapphire crystal with AR
  • Aluminum bezel
  • Date at 3 o’clock
  • Included bracelet
  • 300m WR
  • MSRP: $1700

This is the little brother to the 500m and they share little more than common movements. In the 300m you still get the Tag Heuer Calibre 5, albeit at a more attractive price point but you will give up some of the hardcore features seen on the WAJ series. The WAN2110 does not have an HeV nor a special rubber bezel with studs for gloved gripping, but it does have classic good looks and a refreshingly slim profile. Measuring a very reasonable 41 x 12mm this 300m Tag is meant for a more conservative wrist and would likely be compatible with almost any style regardless of how casual or formal it is. The spartan dial is very legible and features an anti reflective coating on its sapphire crystal.

The included bracelet is 20mm wide at the lugs but tapers in from there to its double safety push-button clasp. The 300m water resistance suggests the watch will be capable of all but the most extreme marine adventures and this is something to appreciate about a watch that will fit under even a snug shirt sleeve. The WAN series is available in either black or blue and can likely be found with a discount. We like the WAN2110 because it combines the ruggedness of a dive watch with just enough class and practicality to be the only watch you wear.

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  1. Had the calibre 500 automatic in black with bracelet but have now returned it after just one year. It was returned three times after a re occurring problem with the crown not screwing back in.

    • fireman from jacksonville,just purchased a calibre 500 M.this will be my second one to take back about the crown not screwing .do you have any more INFO before I do so,

  2.  I having a 500m Full Black, The screw also a bit hard to screwing in.
    But the full black is suite nice, finishing is very detail.

  3. I have the 500M Steel Bracelet version, I loved the details and classic look. I just send it back for repair becos the crown wouldn’t lock back. The guy at the shop told me that the crown tube was worn and to avoid that is to wind it in the opp. direction till you feel the click before winding it other direction to lock.

    Overall it’s still the best watch I ever owned.

    • Hi Wilson, the 500m is awesome. I have the 300m and both have seen online complaints of crown problems. With any screw down crown its best to counter thread (like you described) and use as little downward force as possible. It does seem as though these Tags are a bit more fragile. 

  4. Hi James. Really like the review. I was thinking about the 500M all black but I’m not a fan of the cyclops date bubble. Do you know if TAG can do replacement glass without the cyclops? Regards,

    • but the date bubble is a new design. if you change it to the glass without cyclops is old design.

      • Yes I realise this however I don’t need to see the date so large and it is not flush on the glass. Don’t like it. Just wondering if TAG would replace it after market or at time of purchase.

  5. Peter

    Hi everyone bought the 500m all steel auto version a week ago,happy with my choice only problem when I take the watch off my wrist at night after wearing it all day it has stopped twice, Tag says to manually wind it before,other than that love the watch,replies appreciated.  

  6. I have the calibre 500 aqua racer and yes it is great looking watch however the build quality with this watch has been very dissapointing. The crown tubes inner threads have stripped out twice now. I’ve followed the instructions fully and discussed with Tag authorized dealer how to screw down crown correctly. But it still strips out in a short period of time. This only seams to be a problem with the automatic version because I’ve come across several similar complaints regarding this online. My suggestion if you like this style watch is to purchase the quartz movement version. As for me I’ll never buy another Tag due to there poor customer service and refusal to address this problem.. I’m sticking with Omega. I’ve had zero problems with my Seamaster.

  7. I have the A/R 300M 2110 and absolutely love it! No issues, no problems, best watch I’ve ever owned (1 year now).
    I am picking up the cap2111 silver dial chronograph because I enjoy this one so much…. great reviews on Tag Heuer James, keep it up!


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