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Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

The Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator is the third model to come out from the New York-based brand. I say, the third model because while they have many variations of their very popular Champion Diver line, this Ocean Navigator is the 3-hand version of their original chronograph model. This one offers a lot-Titanium case, sapphire crystal and bezel and an STP1-11 automatic movement. I showed the prototype on video about 6 months ago and it is nice to see the production version in the metal if you will. This is a great looking piece and I love how lightweight it is, and as usual with a piece from OC, the lume is off the charts. But how does the rest of it stack up? Keep Reading.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator Specifications:

Price $1,299



Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

If you are not familiar with Ocean Crawler watches, something you should know is that they do assemble and test these watches in their headquarters in New York. If you take a look on their website, they get into all the testing that they do, so I won’t regurgitate that info, but it is impressive if they do what they say they do.  The movement inside the Ocean Navigator, in this case, the Swiss STP1-11 Automatic made by Fossil, is guaranteed for 5 years. And if something happens, they will fix or replace it. Another great thing about the company is that if you call, you have a pretty good chance of talking to the owner himself. Not that is a big deal in a celebrity type of thing, but more that you have direct contact with the man behind the brand.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator


One of my favorite aspects of the Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator is the fact is its made out of titanium. All brushed Titanium. It lightens up the case and allows it to wear very comfortably. Even though it is titanium, it is not super lightweight, as the components are thick titanium. On the fabric strap, it still weighs 88 grams. Some do not prefer a titanium watch like this, they think it feels cheap. I disagree, but we all have different tastes. It is nice to not have an anchor on your wrist all the time. Moving on to the design, it reminds me of an Omega, especially the lugs, and of course the bezel and sapphire insert make one think of Blancpain, but in no way would I call this watch an homage.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

The overall design of the Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator would definitely fall into the “tool watch” category. I know I say I do not like to use the description for watches, but in this case, I do think it is true. While it does have a helium escape valve- which I consider to be useless for 99% of watch buyers, it also has an inner bezel solar compass feature that can be operated via the 10 o’clock crown. Notice the printed markers and text. This is not meant to be a flashy sports luxury type of watch. This is meant to be used for swimming, dives and whatever else you want to do with it. The solid titanium case is all brushed as well, which in my opinion will hide bangs and scratches a little better.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

When it comes to function, the time setting and inner bezel crown operate very smoothly and have nice firm feedback. The bezel, at least in my example, is somewhat difficult to turn. It is not the grip that is the problem, but rather the bezel is just plain tight. I would hope it loosens up a little over time, but if not, this thing will definitely stay in position to wherever you put it. Moving around to the case back, it is very similar to the ones used on the Champion Diver line, which is not a bad thing really, as it is a well machined and engraved case back, which has a blasted finish.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

Something I always look for is sharp or rough edges on a watch. Even more expensive pieces can miss the little details sometimes. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Ocean Navigator. I did not find anything sharp on the sides of the case, the bezel or the back of the lugs, which shows attention to detail and finishing and also aids in comfort when on the wrist. If you are wondering how it will look in the dark, fear not, this watch will glow very brightly and seems to last a significant amount of time. I was still able to read it ( though it was much dimmer of course) after 5 hours in the dark.

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator

I really love what Ocean Crawler is putting out and the Ocean Navigator is another winner in my book. I originally wanted to say the price was on the high side,  and I would have loved to see a titanium bracelet option, but when you look at everything on the whole and examine it and look at how well it is made, I would say it is worth the price they are charging. Of course, they did offer a preorder on these originally, which was significantly less, but that is the advantage and incentive of a preorder sometimes. The Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator is not your standard microbrand diver and that I consider a good thing. Ocean Crawler is trying to build a brand; they plan to stick around a good while and not be a flash in the pan. So far, it looks like they are on the right track. Keep an eye out on our Youtube Channel (Subscribe!) for the first look at their upcoming model, the Core Diver.



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