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Luxmento Naylamp Rescue II Watch Review

Dive Hands on Watch Reviews Luxmento

The 44mm case as stated is a Mil-diver style, reminiscent of vintage Benrus Watches, but in a more modern size. The case is all done in a satin finish with the PVD coating, with the exception of the non-signed crown, which is high polished. I would have liked the Luxmento logo on the crown, because as is, it looks a tad generic, but any nitpicks I have are just that, and having to keep in mind the price point, you just can’t have the same as a $500 watch.

Luxmento Naylamp Rescue II watch review

The 120-click bezel rotates with nice firm clicks, but the edges are a little sharp. They will not cut you or anything, but you can feel they are a little rough and can possibly get snagged on a shirt cuff or blanket, putting your hand in your pocket, etc. Not a huge issue, but thought I would mention it.

The dial on this version is the white dial that is fully luminous with high gloss black markers and matte black hands. A black on white date window at 3 o’clock position, logo and model name along with water resistance are the only things on the dial besides the hands and markers, so definitely not cluttered with unnecessary text and logos.

Luxmento Naylamp Rescue II watch review

For the case back they went with brushed stainless steel as opposed to the PVD and it is engraved with the pertinent info and the Luxmento logo in the center. At this price, I was surprised to even see an engraved logo, as usually you will just see the spec info and that is that.

Luxmento Naylamp Rescue II watch review

On my 7 ½” wrist, using the silicone strap it is quite comfortable, and a nice size that is not oversized for my wrist. The 22mm silicone rubber is padded and has white stitching giving it the look of leather, and has a stainless steel buckle. (Should have been pvd?). The strap is comfortable and does not attract as much lint and dirt as other silicone straps. Also included is a nato style tan strap. I believe you can request the color of nato strap you would like as I have seen they also have black available. I am always a less is more guy. While the silicone is comfortable, it can be a bear in the summer weather, and causes you to sweat a lot. Instead of 2 straps, I think they could have gone with a nice leather, or a natural rubber strap. (We have seen recently a few brands doing inexpensive natural rubber straps). I would have also liked drilled lugholes for easy strap changes.

Luxmento Naylamp Rescue II watch review

The full lume dial with a nice charge from outside in the sun, lights up really bright as you can see, but of course the initial brightness is only for a few minutes. The lume holds well over a good few hours, to the point of my girlfriend waking up a few times during the night and grabbing my wrist with this watch on, instead of her phone, to glance at the time.

The Luxmento is a nice example of a grab and go diver, and it is nice to see sapphire and a full lume dial at this price point. Is it perfect? No, but what watch really is, and at a sub $200 price I think it is a very nice dive watch that should hold up well over time. If PVD is not your thing, they have stainless versions available with other dial colors as well. And if quartz is not your thing, they have a new model coming out in the summer, which will be an automatic. Pics of that are on their website if you would like to check that out. WatchReport should have a review on that one as well, come that time.

And if the current price is not affordable enough for you, they are having a 1 year anniversary sale that goes until June 15, 2015, for the Naylamp PVD and the NayLamp Rescue II PVD model (as reviewed). Use code 1ERALXMNTO for 25% off. You can see their full website HERE. (You will need to use translate)

Thank you to Luxmento for providing this model for review. Please leave your comments below and thank you for checking out the review.




I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. Hi Don…been hard pressed finding the right full lume watch. I wonder why not many watch brands has them. Anyways, roughly how long the lume lasts? can you still see the lume the next morning?

  2. Hey Jeff. No it will not last all night. No lume paint does. It will last roughly 4-5 hours. If you want all night lume look to tritium tubes or electro luminescence like a gshock or MTM special ops.

    • Don, I beg to differ with your comment on watch lume. I have a bunch of watches whose lume lasts me through the night, and I try never to purchase a watch that I won’t be able to read at 0400. My Chopard Mille Miglia has amazing lume. So does my much less expensive Armida A1. Of course, the lume will weaken during the night, but I can still see it six hours later. It depends largely on how many layers of lume have been applied to hour markers and hands, as I think most manufacturers use Superluminova, C1 being the best. However, I have a Kobold Large Soarway Diver with BGW9 lume, and it holds its own almost as well as the Chopard. Another good watch for strong, lasting lume is the Omega Planet Ocean. IWC’s Aquatimer watches also have amazing and beautiful lume with good lasting power. That’s just my two-cents on lume. Thanks.


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