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Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker | Hands on Watch Review

Gruppo Gamma Hands on Watch Reviews

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

It is no secret that I am quite fond of Gruppo Gamma watches. I would say I have liked pretty much every model they have come out with and their newest model, the Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker, has that classic cushion shape that I am a pushover for. It also has a sandwich dial with Arabic numerals, another detail I greatly admire. The Peacemaker uses a mechanical movement,  something not seen from Gruppo in quite some time and also has a vintage boxed sapphire crystal. This is one attractive watch and with the exception of a few personal qualms, this model is another winner from the brand.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker Specifications:

  • Stainless steel, polished
  • Diameter 44 mm excluding crown and lugs
  • Length 52 mm lug-to-lug
  • Height 11.5 mm excluding 3 mm crystal
  • Lug width 24 mm
  • Weight 140 g with strap
  • Water resistance 200m
  • Vintage style box-shaped sapphire crystal with underside anti-reflective coating
  • Screw-in crown
  • Exhibition case back, stainless steel and sapphire
  • Movement Miyota 8N33
  • 21600 bph
  • Hand-wound
  • Accuracy between -20 to +40 s/ day
  • Power reserve 42 hrs
  • Strap & Accessories
  • Originale 2018, brown leather, length 125/75mm, width 24/24mm with buckle
  • Kampfschwimmer, dark brown leather, length 125/75mm, width 24/24mm  with buckle
  • Screwdriver for strap changes
  • Travel pouch

*Currently up for preorder at time of this publication (2/24/18). Price is $499 with a $100 Deposit. Slated delivery, end of April*


Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

The Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker is very much the evolution to the Genesis case, the first model Gruppo Gamma ever produced, back in 2013. I admit, it can get confusing with different model names and designations such as MKIII and such, and with all the watches I review, I lose track. I am sure collectors of the brand can keep better track than I. This design was originally intended to be apart of the Vanguard collection, but that never happened. Instead, they released it under a new collection, the Peacemaker. The 44mm cushion case shape is very familiar, but the standout to me is the dial. The matte dial is clean and uncluttered and the stencil cutouts are precise. Only the hour and minute hand are used here, no second hand or sub-dial, and there is a good reason for that, but more on that in a bit.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

Everything about the Peacemaker screams vintage, from the gilt (gold) hands to the vintage lume, the cushion case, and of course, a mechanical movement. While Gruppo Gamma takes inspiration from Rolex and Panerai’s of the past, they are always trying to add their spin to the lineup. This time though, they decided against an automatic movement and went with the Miyota 8N33. In the specifications above, I list the details of this movement, but as I said, there is no second hand on this watch. The reason for this is simple. The 8000 series from Miyota is not the most accurate nor smooth movement. The second hand is known for having what some call a stutter. I think you have probably seen me refer to that here before. Because of that, Gruppo decided to play to this movements strength and remove its weakness; hence, no second hand. Now, without it, it  is going to be difficult to track accuracy and of course exact time, and not everyone is going to love that. While we want our watches to be beautiful, we also expect them to be tools we use.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

The all high polished case of the Gruppo Gamma is something I can live without. That is one of my personal issues, as this super mirror polished case is not only a pain to photograph, but will also show any nick or scratch much more than a brushed finish. I would have preferred brushed with a polished bezel and crown, as an example. When it is brand new, the case is beautiful; Gruppo really did a great job with polish. It is extreme for sure. The Peacemaker is just not for show either, as it is 200 meters water resistant with a massive screw down crown. I love this crown. Love. It is easy to grab, easy to unscrew and and easy to wind, just the way it should be. The crown is definitely over-sized, but I feel it fits with the design.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

As is the trend these days, microbrands like to include as much as possible with their watches and the Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker is no different. Two leather straps are included, both with buckles, along with the screwdriver to change them out and also the newest travel case from GG. I love the travel case, so no complaints there, and both straps are of better than decent quality. I think sometimes we get spoiled and want a $100 leather strap with our watches, and of course, that is not always possible, especially with a watch that is selling for $500 to begin with. That said, I am someone who would appreciate one really excellent strap over two good straps. I find the minimal stitch dark brown strap to be my favorite and that is the one I wore during the review time. Here is a  picture on my 7 1/2 inch wrist. (More pictures in the gallery at end of review)

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

You like lume you say? You are a self professed lume junkie? Your wife yells at you at night to pull your shirt over your watch so she can get some sleep? I think we have all been there at one time or another. Well, get ready to be there again. The Peacemaker is a king when it comes to lume. This dial glows like crazy. Not only is it ridiculously bright, but it lasts pretty much through most of the night.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

Before I bring this review to a close, lets talk about that box sapphire crystal. I have always been vocal that I do not care for overly thick crystals, especially super dome crystals that some dive watches use. I find it gimmicky and hard to read the dial, and very hard to photograph. The vintage style box crystal, on the other hand, is just plain awesome. Yes, there is distortion towards the edges of the dial because of it, but there is just something about the look of this crystal that I can not get over. This crystal is not only protecting the dial as it should be, but it adds to the overall aesthetic of the Peacemaker. So much so, that I do not know if I would like this watch as much if it just had a standard flat sapphire.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker

Simply, this is a another great model from Gruppo Gamma. I love the dial, the crystal, the cushion case and that badass large crown. Since I am someone that is not an accuracy nut, the lack of a second hand and the movement choice do not bother me at all, though I understand that it can be an issue for some. When it comes down to it, you are buying this more for the looks and build quality than a super accurate movement. But wait, have I not stated that I hate the Miyota 8200 series movements before? Yes, I have. If this was an automatic with a second hand, I would be stating the same thing. But its not, so it gets a pass here. The design is very vintage, the construction is modern, and as usual, fantastic. It wears great on my wrist and the large crown does not dig into the back of my hand, something that surprised me. I have no real digs that I can give the Peacemaker. It is a great looking piece and a lovely evolution to the Genesis model.





I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. Is it possible to purchase piecemaker even now from Japan? I want to know the price including shipping fee.

    • Contact Gruppo Gamma Please. We only review the watches, we have no idea of their inventory status.


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