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Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2 | Hands On Review

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Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

The Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2 launched on Kickstarter this morning and offers a very affordable way to get a COSC certified dive watch that is available in many different colors, different metals (steel or titanium), and also as a GMT. I only had a short time with the Diver 2 as I had to get it passed on to another person and I was heading out on vacation shortly after the watch arrived but I was able to record a video review which you see posted above. Because of my short time with the watch I am not sure if I gave it the fairest shake or if I was a little jaded in my view of it, which sometimes does happen. I will try here to be as objective as possible, within reason of course.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2 Specifications:
  • Available in Stainless Steel, PVD, Titanium or Solid Gold Cases
  • 44mm Width
  • 15mm Thick
  • 51mm Lug To Lug
  • Ceramic Bezel
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Sellita SW200 or SW300 (GMT) Movement
  • COSC Certified Movement Upgrade Available
  • 600 Meters Water Resistant
  • Delivery in August/September

Price:  As low as $462 for the NONCOSC movement. Check Kickstarter for all pricing and rewards. 



Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

The Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2 is the second watch to be released from the Switzerland based brand. Their first, a moon phase chronograph was successful on Kickstarter in 2017 and of course, the company is hoping the lighting will strike twice. While moon phase chronograph watches are not rare, I personally feel there was a little more originality to the overall design of that model. This Diver and the GMT (which share the same case and bracelet, etc), are very reminiscent of a Rolex Submariner. The size is larger than most submariner homages at 44mm and of course, the dial and hands are very different but it is obvious to me where the inspiration came from. Now, many know I have covered many sub homages here on Watchreport, but those watches replicate the original more closely. Here, they wanted to do something different, but not totally different and I feel they could have gone with a different case and bracelet so that the watch would stand out more and not be compared to those others.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

Now, let me be clear here. For those that are not familiar with this site or my point of view, I am here to give me an opinion, and yes, I always try to be objective and compare to what is currently on the market. It also does not escape me of course that many watches no matter what will end up looking similar to others or homage others etc. It is inevitable. So why do I have an issue with the case and bracelet of this Zahnd and Kormann Diver 2? I am not exactly sure. In a way, I guess it seems to be the easy way out. On the other hand, using a more simple and well-recognized case design might have helped keep the cost down and allow for the very affordable pricing for the COSC movement and because of the very popular case style, allow it to have a wider audience base.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

So what exactly are you getting with this Diver 2? Well, there are a lot of options. On Kickstarter, the base pledge (where you receive a watch) is $462, which will get you the watch you see being reviewed here, in any color combination and choice of steel or black PVD steel. This option uses the élaboré SW200 automatic movement. There are then options to upgrade to a titanium case and bracelet and of course, the COSC option. If you really want to upgrade, you can now also get this watch (or the GMT) in solid rose gold, solid yellow and solid white gold,  which of course is going to set you back a good chunk of change.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

Initially, I felt that the best value would be the titanium and COSC option, which would put you around $720 and I still stand by that. That said, at $462, the élaboré version with an SW200 or just a little more if looking at the GMT versions, is not a bad price at all, considering you do get a very nice looking patterned dial, ceramic bezel, solid steel bracelet that has a quick removal mechanism along with a ratchet extension clasp. All of that for under $500 is very appealing, especially if you really like the design.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

This watch is built, or at least the company claims it is built to be a hard use dive watch as well, as it has a 600m water resistance rating and a helium release valve on the non-crown side of the case, which it oddly promotes on the dial as you see above. If that claim holds true, then this watch is more than just form and functions well above many dive watches in its price range that are normally rated only to 200m. Are Zahnd and Kormann actually testing these watches to that depth? I hope so.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

The watch I had in hand was, of course, a prototype, a sample and I am not sure what changes are planned for production. I do know what changes I would like to see. Most have to do with the bracelet as opposed to the dial or case, but I will say the large Z&K logo is a little off-putting, but it is lumed as you will see in the lume shots below. No, the biggest thing I would change would the high polished center links of the oyster link bracelet. If that is not an option, maybe then add some high polish areas to the ratchet dive clasp, as it looks like it was meant for a different watch as is.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

As far as comfort goes, I would say this Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2 feels like a 44mm Steinhart Ocean One on the wrist and of course looks similar as well, as far as the case and bracelet go. I did not have to remove any links from this bracelet and considering I have a 7 1/12 inch wrist, I would consider the bracelet to be short. Again, this was a sample watch, so hopefully, more links will be included come to the production models. If you do need to size the bracelet, it uses split pins as opposed to screws, which I would prefer.

Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2


Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2

I always state when I am in love with or enamored with any watch I review, and that is clearly not the case with The Zahnd And Kormann ZK Diver 2. That does not mean I do not see the tremendous value it offers and while this watch is not for me, I can see why many would want it and be happy with it, especially if you have always wanted a COSC movement and can get one here for well under $1000. As far as the solid gold options, I am not sure who would be dropping the coin for those-lets be realistic, the brand does not have the name or history for someone to spend that kind of money on a watch, gold or otherwise. Steel and Titanium are where it is at for this model lineup at this point in time. As always though, this is just one man’s opinion. Click the links through the review to take you to their Kickstarter if you are interested in pledging or to their website for more info. I want to hear what you think, so leave your comments below.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

1 Comment

  1. Hello Don, Thank you very much for your review of our watch! I would like to take the chance and answer some of the questions you came up in your review, as readers might be interested in:

    1. Logo size: The logo on our new model seems to be polarizing as we got some feedbacks regarding the size of it. As this is a crowdfunding project and things like the logo might be adapted, it is great to have such feedbacks. That said we can tell you that we will publish different renderigns with different logo sizes on our Kickstarter page soon. Means we are very open minded about that point.

    2. Bracelet size: Of course the bracelet will come longer than it was with this prototype. We already were wearing the watch and so we already did remove 3 links.

    3. To use screws for the bracelet instead of just links, is definitely an option.

    4. On the COSC version there will be mentioned “chronometer” in stead of Helium Release Valve.

    5. Thanks for the inputs regarding the design of the ratcheting clasp. We will keep it in mind.

    6. The solid gold options on Kickstarter: We do not expect that anyone is ordering them. These are just concepts which are showing the possibilities and as mentioned on the Kickstarter page a lot of options are possible from different metals to different movements and designs. So these are really just concepts.

    If you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through Kickstarter or our homepage. Thank you very much.


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