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Watch Review | Hexa Osprey

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So, why should you buy one? Well, it’s good to have choices, and the Osprey in my opinion is just a damn good-looking dive watch. Can I say you should pick the Osprey over so many others? No, I can’t as there are many good choices these days, but I do think it could have a place in your collection.


Let’s discuss the details. The case is 42mm, which is the same size as Tudor Pelagos, Steinhart Ocean One and many others, though it wears larger for some reason. I honestly had to look back at the specifications as I really did think it was a 44mm. The crown guards are nicely integrated and while they do not cover the entire crown, I feel they will do a decent job of protecting against most impacts. The crown is nicely engraved with the Hexa Star logo, and on my example it is a very sturdy crown that operates smoothly.


The bezel is more gear pattern as opposed to a coin edge, and allows for a great grip. It is tight but precise and what a unidirectional bezel should be in my opinion. For a better look at the bezel operation and what I am trying to convey, please see the video. The bezel insert is matte ceramic and the numbers and markers are lumed for nighttime readability. When it comes to the ceramic insert, which if you are familiar, ceramic is very scratch resistant….but not scratch proof. Unfortunately, on my example I obtained a scratch, albeit a small one, on my second time wearing it. I have not seen anyone else complain about this online whether this model or the F74 version. It seems I either smacked it against something very hard, or it was just one of those things and mine is a little more susceptible to scratches.


The dial is one of the stars of this watch with the gorgeous blue sunray dial. You can see in the photos just how it looks in direct sunlight and how it just pops. The date is located at the 6 position (my favorite for the date placement), has applied markers, baton style hour and minute hand and a second hand with the hexagon shield, that has lume applied to it as well, along with a red tip. Covering the dial is a slightly domed sapphire crystal with an inner AR coating. When I say slightly, you might not notice it at first glance, and the AR coating is very well done. I personally hate a ton of reflection of the crystal; fortunately the Osprey does not have that.

All of the steel components are finely brushed, no high polished areas to be found, which I feel is best for a true dive watch. The angles are hard and well defined, but no rough edges on the case, crown, lug area or the caseback. Speaking of lugs, you might notice the end links resemble an H. Now I do not know if that was intentional or just happenstance, but being Hexa starts with an H, it fits well. The end links measure 22mm in width, as does the bracelet (no taper), but they do stick out farther than the end of the lugs themselves. Now, it creates a nice look, but I wish the pieces that stick out were a little more angled and beveled to match the lugs themselves.


The caseback displays the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, which I have covered many, many times on Watchreport. It is the go to standard movement for microbrands, being used in my styles, not just dive watches. It is a base movement, and with that, no real decoration to it, though Hexa did brand the rotor with their logo. The 9015 is smooth and dependable, so while not anything to write home about, it works as it should and keeps accurate time.


The Osprey is a hefty watch at 215 grams, even though it is only 42mm and 13.5mm thick. Part of that is due to the very solid case, but also because of the heavy and solid 3-link bracelet. Now, I am not knocking the bracelet, I have just seen it before on other brands offerings. It is a good-looking bracelet with the ratcheting dive extension clasp, and uses screw bars to hold the links. My only issue here is the use of double sided screws, which can be a pain when sizing. I would prefer one-piece screws that thread into the link itself; less pieces and I feel it is more secure. I did size it, removing 3 links for my 7-½ inch wrist, with the clasp extender out just a little bit for a perfect fit.


It seems brands are paying attention to customers and the lume keeps getting better. As a matter of fact, quite a few of my recent reviews have shown watches with excellent lume. The Hexa is right up there, though the hands and bezel glow brighter than the applied markers. The lume paint is applied very evenly though and I do not see any blotchiness on my example.

I have to be honest and say there is not much I do not like on the Hexa Osprey. Beyond the end links I mentioned and the double-sided screw bars, everything else is on par in my opinion. Well, and my bezel scratch, but that really does not bother me, as those things happen.


It has that rugged tool diver look and all the components are what we expect these days. Personally I do not see the need for the exhibition case back, but that is really being picky on my part. The blue dial and applied markers are the standouts and while the bracelet is standard fare, it is well made and comfortable. I might try the Osprey on a Hirsch rubber though as admittedly I am not the biggest bracelet fan these days. Hexa also has some very nice leather straps for sale on their website as well, that will perfectly fit this model.

While the Osprey might not be a huge development or the next big thing in the dive watch world, it is as I said before, a damn good-looking watch that I really enjoy. If you like a nice dive watch and want one with all the upgrades in a smaller size than most companies produce, you might want to give the Osprey a test drive.

Thank you to Hexa for providing the Osprey for review. Please leave your comments in the field below, and thank you for reading/watching as always.


I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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