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Eterna KonTiki Automatic Chronograph

Eterna Hands on Watch Reviews

The case back is a screw down type, and at its center you will find an image of the KonTiki raft as it traverses the seas on its famous journey, less Thor, who was left off. The case back is simple in its design but does provide the wearer pertinent information regarding the watch (i.e. Eterna, Water Resistance 200m, its Swiss Made prominence, and the model number). I’m a case back junky, so it’s nice to know that a cool design is sitting on your wrist, even if you only glimpse at it 20-30 times a day.


The bracelet is stainless steel and tapers down towards the two button fold-over clasp. Leather strap options do exist but are mostly seen on the black dial version of this watch. Nothing says you can’t change things up a bit, as watch lovers tend to do, and add a nice leather strap to this light dial model as well. Eterna branding has been nicely placed on the clasp with its pentagonal circles crowning this clasp as one of the best I’ve owned. It’s simply awesome, buttery smooth and works like a well-oiled machine!


As mentioned above, few watch enthusiasts know that the ETA movement, which is found inside the KonTiki Chronograph, was actually founded by Eterna in 1856. This particular self-winding movement is an ETA Calibre 7750, designed for its chronograph movement capabilities. The crown is one of the neatest features to me. I have owned many watches that house a 7750, but none have wound as seamless at this one. What’s better is when you wind it counter-clockwise. It makes some of the crispest and distinct clicks, much like the sound made by your favorite wooden roller-coaster as it begins to crest near the top; slightly before you lose the giant corndog that you ate moments earlier. I found it to be very sturdy with no wobble. This guy’s heartbeat pumps out an impressive 28,800 bph and is able to flex its power reserve might at 44 hours, or the equivalent of one Cialis, whichever comes first.

Overall I believe the Eterna KonTiki Chronograph is an incredible, well-designed timepiece; one that will easily traverse along with you from the office to the tennis match to the pool and back down to the most “happening” speakeasy in town.

After wearing it for two weeks, I feel it wears very comfortable on my 7.5 inch wrist. The brushed/polished finish of the case work is superb and on par with many other high-end watches that I have had the pleasure of owning and/or wearing throughout the years.

With a retail price of $4,595 USD, I definitely feel that this Eterna is worth every penny. It is a timepiece that appeals to the palate of many watch enthusiasts, as it’s jam packed with prominence, features and unrelenting specs.

Ariel Soltura has had a passion for watches since an early age; one that was passed onto him by his father, who was one of a handful of people to own a Rolex GMT on the island of Cuba, where Ariel was born. Ariel Soltura, who is a full time police officer, husband, father and Dive Watch aficionado, is well respected in the watch community for his honest thoughts and comments on "all things watches." When not patrolling the streets, throwing footballs with the community's youth or perusing various watch forums, he can be found hanging out with his six year old son, Aric, his greatest passion of all.


  1. Very nice watch and well-written review. I just can’t decide if I like the white or black dial the most.

  2. Impressive stats on a brand that does not get much love. Good information and fantastic pictures. Hope to see more

  3. What a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. I’ve always been fond of the light colored faces since it feels it adds a bit of class. The story behind the name, along with the details in the article, would make me proud to wear such a beautifully designed timepiece. Well written review!

  4. What a beautiful piece! Thanks for the detailed review. It has opened up my mind to yet another fine offering from a brand that I really never paid that much attention to.

  5. Great informative review of the brand and the KonTiki Auto Chronograph. A real beauty that looks to be built well. I’ll definitely keep Eterna on the radar for future watch purchases. Look forward to reading more of your reviews.


  7. I’ve always liked the looks of the Eterna KonTiki models and enjoyed this excellent review. I am likely to pick up a three-hand version in the coming months. Thanks to the author for the information and outstanding photos!

  8. Amazing watch and great review!

  9. Great watch, I am amazed. I bet the picture doesn’t do it any justice. Thanks for the review!


  10. Hei, excellenti review, this KonTiki is very nice watch, I just bought same watch 🙂


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