Boschett Harpoon White Dial Watch Review and Video Review

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The white lume dial of this version of the Harpoon is the real standout here. This is the first time Boschett has done a white dial, and they really did a fantastic job. The dial is a very nice matte white with contrasting black minute and hour hands and markers.  The “Harpoon” second hand is done in red. To this day, I still find the Harpoon second hand one of the coolest second hands on the market.

Some lume dials I have seen, and handled in the past, have a slight grittiness to them due to the lume paint applied to the dial, but that is not the case here. Until you see it in the night, you probably would not think the Harpoon was a full lume dial.


The crystal is a 4.3mm thick sapphire crystal with an inner AR coating. I am not sure if the AR coating used is just really very good, or it’s partially because of the white dial, but the anti reflective properties in place here are well done.  Whether out in the daylight, or taking photos for this review, the dial is clear and legible with almost not glare.

The case back is nicely engraved and depicts a man with a harpoon fighting a ferocious dragon. The Harpoon from front to back really does portray a “manly” watch, and I like the fact that the whole watch has a theme, but not one that is gimmicky or over the top.

The bracelet for the Boschett Harpoon is 24mm wide and just about 5mm thick. It is a solid brushed multi-link bracelet that Boschett has become known for, as it’s the same bracelet that can be found on their Cave Dweller Model, only 2mm wider. The bracelet uses double sided screws to hold the links together. This would be my one and only gripe, as many companies are now using single sided screws in their bracelets, and are much easier to size. But, if you have a watch tool kit, it shouldn’t be an issue, just get your two screwdrivers ready, and have some time and patience. (And don’t size it over a carpet in case you drop one of the tiny screw heads). The clasp is the ratcheting extension clasp that is beloved by many dive watch fans. Boschett,I believe, was the first boutique company to start using this clasp a few years ago, or at least one of the first, and many many brands have been following suit in recent years. And there is a reason, as it is one of the best clasps for a dive watch bracelet out there. Once on the wrist, the ratcheting dive extension can be easily ejected out to various lengths, to either fit over a wetsuit, or to use for micro adjustments for that perfect fit.


On the wrist, the Harpoon truely is a comfortable watch. It is heavy at about 270 grams unsized, but the weight is evenly balanced between the case and the bracelet. Even with its large dimensions, it only has a lug to lug of 52mm, so many wrist sizes should be able to wear the Harpoon. *For reference my wrist is 7.5 inches *. And of course the multi-link bracelet just wraps around the wrist.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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  1. Great review Don. Love the watch and I always love Lume dials


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