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Borealis Sea Hawk Review

Borealis Hands on Watch Reviews Independent

As I said earlier, the Sea Hawk has a lot of the same DNA as its predecessor, with the matte black dial (other colors are available), snowflake hands, lumed ceramic bezel and solid oyster style link bracelet with single sided screw attachment and ratcheting extension clasp.


The Sea Hawk is well machined, with fine brushing on the top of the case and bracelet, while the sides of both the bracelet and case are high polished. This is one thing, for me, that I wish was different. I prefer an all brushed case because it hides scratches better, and is easier to brush them out. But I also understand that many of the Tudor/Rolex watches were similar, hence this homage follows suit.


The 120 click bezel is a little tight, and a little difficult get going, but it definitely has no play, and will stay where in place wherever you set it. The crown action is solid, and pretty smooth, especially for a watch of this price.

Some of have balked at the use of the Seiko NH36 automatic movement. I am not sure why exactly. It is true, that the NH36 has a lower beat movement, and some argue whether or not that is a pro or a con. I consider the NH36 a very good basic movement that should provide you with years of use without any issues. In my example Sea Hawk model, it has been running at a pretty consistent  +15 seconds a day.


I took 3 links out to fit to my 7 ½ wrist, and with a little slide out of the ratcheting extension dive clasp, was able to obtain a perfect fit. I would say if you have a wrist larger than 8 ¼, you will probably have to request extra links.


I have seen a few reports on the web before I recieved the Sea Hawk sample saying the lume was a little on the weak side. While it is not going to light a hallway, I find the lume more than sufficient, and on par with a Boschett Cavedweller, if not a little better.

If I had to point out any part of the Borealis Sea Hawk that I was not totally on board with, it would be the use of the very thick and high sapphire crystal. While some vintage watches used to use a domed plexi crystal, and of course this being sapphire, will be much more scratch resistant, I am just not sure if the look is for me. The crystal also gives the watch an added almost 2mm in thickness beyond the case, so the watch is not a slim as it could be. I do know that this is completely my personal opinion and many will really love the look of the raised crystal. The great thing about this hobby is all the choices we have.

In conclusion, I feel Borealis has done another great job with their latest model. They have shown that they are committed to improving and building the best quality affordable watch that they can. They listen to feedback and appreciate constructive criticism and I think this will go a long way in them making a mark in the independent watch brand world. With this well under $400 price point, they have certainly packed in many of the features us dive watch enthusiasts look for, and if you enjoy the look of a Vintage Tudor or Rolex and are on a budget, the Borealis Sea Hawk is a fine example. And they still have the Seafarer for the guys that appreciate that large, chunky dive watch.

The Borealis Sea Hawk is also available with a blue dial/bezel, and also a black dial/green bezel option.

You can see more info on this model, at their website HERE
Thank you to Borealis for providing the Sea Hawk for review.
Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.


I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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  1. “With this well under $400 price point, they have certainly packed in many of the features us dive watch enthusiasts look for…” – Precisely. Other Micros will have to take note.


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