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AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine | Watch Giveaway

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AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine Giveaway

AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine

AVI-8 Watches has graciously partnered with Watchreport to give away one of their newest models, the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine. This latest model comes in 3 variations, and the winner will be able to choose the one they like best. Specifications below.
AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine

MOVEMENT Japan Quartz Chronograph with Date

CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel




CASE COLOUR : Stainless Steel / IP-Black / IP-Gun

DIAL COLOUR: Black / Green / Grey

BAND : Genuine Leather Strap

BAND COLOUR : Dark Brown / Dark Army Green / Grey

BUCKLE : Strap Buckle

BAND WIDTH (mm) : 22

Retail Price $301 USD (250 British Pounds)

To enter, you will need to do a few things.
1. Like the Watchreport Facebook Page:


2. Like the AVI-8 Facebook Page:


3. Subscribe to the WatchReport Youtube Channel:


4. Comment below that you have done all 3 and you will be entered.
Please make sure to use a valid email address we can contact you at should you be the winner.
The Contest will start today 1/24/2017 and will end at 1/31/2017 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Winner will be chosen shortly after and emailed. The watch will ship directly from AVI-8 to the winner.
Thank you all and thank you to AVI-8 Watches for sponsoring this giveaway here on Watchreport.
More Pictures of the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Turbine and link to AVI-8 Website:


  1. Love AVI-8s designs. This new one would go great with the Supermarine and Harrier that I have.

    • I completed all of the requirements.

    • Followed instructions and completed all 3 tasks.


  2. I followed all the instructions to enter.

  3. Awesome contest! I completed all the steps. Would be stoked to finally have a nice watch! Andrew@coastalplayground.com ?

  4. All done! ???

  5. Done. Wish to win it

  6. Hecho. I like my AVI8

  7. Liked all three, you guys are awesome! Love the AVI-8!

  8. I did all the steps! Im an aviation geek and a watch head at the same time. It would complete my 2017 if I win this thing! ???

  9. Beautiful watch!! Liked and subbed!

  10. Done all 3 tasks.

  11. Nice update on the Aviator.

    • Oh, and yes, done all 3 tasks.

  12. Great giveaway guys, that watch looks fantastic. Keep up the good work,I liked all three.

  13. Done! And good looking watch!

  14. Done, done, and done. Gorgeous watch.

  15. Done, Avi-8 has some interesting designs.

  16. All done! ?

  17. Done. And indeed it’s a great piece.

  18. I entered using the above 3 methods. Nice watch!!!

  19. Entry Complete! Good luck to me ;D

  20. Done, done, done!! Love the AVI-8 brand!

  21. All tasks completed! A very nice watch, not too big for an aviation model, exquisite design and last but not least fantastic straps and colors! Great watch and thank you for the giveaway!

  22. I did all three, thanks Watch report and AVI8

  23. Done all 3. Love all the AVI-8 Watches.

  24. Done. One question if the contest is international?

    • Yes it is

  25. Completed all steps, loved the review and the watch. Hope I win!

  26. Completed all three steps!

  27. All three completed 🙂

  28. Did first 3 steps and this one is the 4th 🙂

  29. Great looking watch! All 3 steps complete.

  30. All boxes checked ?

  31. I filled out all the requirements

  32. All three done.

  33. All3

  34. Everything done as required.

  35. Done! 🙂 Omg, very nice watch ??

  36. Nice looking watch! Completed all instructions. Thanks!

  37. Love their designs and all three are done.

  38. Wow, they look amazing!

  39. Done, done, and done.

  40. thanks much for the chance, i’m in!

  41. Nice looking watch! Completed all instructions. Thanks!

  42. Wow! I love the turbin movement. I have done all three. Thanks.

  43. Absolutly awesome watch, keep up all the great work guys. Done all the requirements, best of luck to everyone

  44. All done! 🙂

  45. And… done.

  46. All done.

  47. Checked it out, neat design, covered the 3 items for the contest

  48. Thank you so much for this chance. I’ve done all 3.

  49. Fingers crossed! I have completed all 3.

  50. I’ve done all 3. Thank you very much!

  51. Completed all 3 tasks. It’ a good looking timepiece!

  52. I have completed all three requirements

  53. Done, done and done. I would love to win this.

  54. Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve liked and suscribed.

  55. DONE! Awesome looking watch!

  56. I have completed all steps.

  57. All done..
    May the best one win!

  58. Done, Done and done. All that left is to say THANKS!

  59. All done!

  60. Done all 3!
    Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely timepiece!

  61. All done

  62. All done!

  63. Everything done!

  64. All steps completed. Good luck everyone!

  65. Done, done and done! 🙂

  66. Done, done, and done.
    Crossing fingers and toes.

  67. Done all three. Happy to have gotten on board, exceptional info & watches.

  68. Ive completed all 3 for an entry to the contest and i appreciate the opportunity.
    Thank you
    Jim Burke

  69. Done all 3 steps! Gorgeous watch by the way!

  70. i’ve completed all the requirements and i would love to win good luck to everyone else who entered

  71. I’ve done the steps.
    Thank you.
    Benjámin Gerván

  72. All steps completed
    Good luck everyone!

  73. The watch looks extremely exquisite. Would be an excellent Watch which would provide the motivation to expand my watch collection after my recently purchased longines! (Which I picked over a Hamilton which was similar to this which I was so close to buying! – If I could have walked away with both, I would have. Hopefully this giveaway provides me with such an elegant timepiece.

    P.S All three steps were completed – I look forward to watching the YouTube videos in my spare time!

  74. All done

  75. Have done all three

  76. All steps completed!

  77. All done

  78. All done.

  79. All three done!

  80. All done!

  81. I did all three!

  82. In, completed. Thank you for the chance to win.

  83. All done!! and such a beautiful watch it is. Good luck all!!

  84. All requirements done! Fingers crossed! ?

  85. All done, thank you for the chance

  86. Done

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