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Titoni Seascoper Watch Review

Dive Hands on Watch Reviews Titoni

Today I get to share with you a brand that you are probably not familiar with. As a matter of fact, I had never heard of it myself. Which is surprising seeing as the company has been producing watches since 1919. Well, kind of. In 1919 Fritz Schluep started making watches in Grenchen, Switzerland.

In 1952, they transitioned officially to Titoni. Today, they are still making quality Swiss Made Watches, and one of their newest models is the Seascoper, a model that made its debut by Titoni in the 70’s and has been re-imagined and reproduced for a modern market. The new Seascoper looks quite different than its predecessor, and as you will see in the photos, somewhat takes its cues from the Tudor Black Bay. Well, at least the crown and case shape, the bezel, dial and markers are much different in my opinion.

The Seascoper comes in at 41mm wide by 48mm long, and from looking at the rest of their collection, this is the one that I am drawn to the most. Not to say that their other watches are not well made, but the styles are a little too classic and subdued for me.

While I review many watches, and always convey my honest thoughts on them, lets be honest, its not like I love every watch that passes through my hands for review. But, you review it as it is, point out its pros and cons and leave it at that. While it might not be for me, I am sure it is for many.  With the Titoni Seascoper, I can honestly say I absolutely love it. It is a beautiful and extremely well made piece and instead of making you wait for my negatives I will give you them right now. The size is a little small for me at 41mm. I would love it even more at 43-44mm. That is just preference though. The other is the bezel. While the blue bezel looks great, it is a very slim bezel in both thickness and width, and with that, makes it VERY difficult to turn. Especially if you have medium to large hands.

With that said, take a look at my video presentation below for my initial thoughts and a better look:

Here are the full specifications of the Titoni Seascoper:

  • Model number being reviewed: 83985 SBB-RB-516
  • Case: 316 Stainless Steel,  41mm by 48mm, 12mm thick, lug width 20mm
  • Weight: 113 grams
  • Movement: Automatic Sellita SW200
  • Functions: 3 Hands, Date
  • Bezel: insert and crown tube: Blue anodized aluminum
  • Crystal: Double Curved Sapphire, Antireflective
  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Bracelet: Rubber
  • Retail Price:  $1350 USD

Titoni Seascoper

The case finishing, with its satin brushed lines, combined with polished chamfers, baton style hour and minute hand, silver dial, and blue aluminum bezel really creates a striking look. The Seascoper is also available on a stainless bracelet, and a black dial with both a blue bezel and a red bezel version as well.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. Thanks Don for bringing this gorgeous watch to my attention. I was about to pull the trigger on a Ball Skindiver 2 when your review of the Seascoper caught my eye on Youtube. Wow…this is the watch I have been waiting for. Would I be correct in assuming it wears bigger than most 41s due to the narrow bezel? My only concern is that the domed anodized bezel may be prone to scratching, what do you think?

    This watch would be almost perfect with a ceramic bezel and a display back but hell it’d probably then cost $2K. It’s tough to decide on a colour but I think I’ll get the red and black on rubber although the SS bracelet looks nice too. Have you handled the SS bracelet?

    Love your reviews Don…keep up the good work.

    Simon Miller
    Melbourne, Australia

    • I have not handled the SS bracelet, but I would assume it is as quality and well finished as the case is. I can not imagine they go all out on the case, and a custom rubber strap such as I reviewed, only to have a sub par bracelet, but I have been wrong before. The bezel could be prone to scratching, but being anodized does give it some protection. It does wear a little larger than its stated size, felt like a solid 42mm. It is a great watch for sure.
      Thank you for the compliment as well, it is much appreciated.

      • Good day to ya, DON.
        Thanks for the uploading of your video-review of the SEASCOPER in YouTube that i really enjoyed… your non-BS and bias comments because of a brand.

        I had been a TITONI fan for years since my secondary education age. The brand caught my attention then not because of their design, but how they bond with Asian consumers during that time when their major market were in the far east, since the 50s, with their attractive pricing and attractive qualities in workmanship.
        Yes… as you had pointed out, their designs can be dull and conservative to some… especially western consumers, but what they offer was, and in present is much more than what you may pay for other premium labels out there which are mostly under the umbrella of Watches and Jewelry groups that mostly boost their profiles with lots of monies thrown in advertising. TITONI, does some advertising… but not as much as what others in the market need to get attention.

        I didn’t get the SEASCOPER in my collection, although i can afford other range of watches under the TITONI label. Not that the SEASCOPER isn’t attractive… but it is too attractive to my personality as i’m getting older by years. My thoughts on designs are getting more and more conservative that i had been feeling comfortable with the COSMO KING designs.

        Ok… enough of my self introductions, back to the SEASCOPER.
        What i like about the SEASCOPER,
        1. Sleek modern sporty design on the case contours, the slim bezel makes the watch blends in sporty attire, including diving suits. Out of water, it blends well with business suits. Not too loud, and not too obnoxiously screaming out,”I’m a diving watch”.
        2. Good choice of Water Resistance “depth” at 200m, which in contrast to the styling of the watch.
        To most perceptions out there, sleek, handsome, charming, good looking “scholar” watches can’t dive, these type of watches can do only shallow snorkeling… However, the SEASCOPER shall make some jaws drop. Especially those with such negative views…

        Now onto my “little dislikes” which has been holding my trigger to bag the SEASCOPER down.
        1. On the practical side… any watches are bound to get scratches in daily live, be it in work, rest, or play environment. At this price i would expect sand blast case and bracelets, rather than just “brushed”. The current finishing is just too fine and nicely done to face the rough environments. Scratches on sand blasted surface may not be very prominent to some eyes depending on the depth of the scratches and angle of views…

        2. Some design cues. Consumers and fans of highly advertised labels out there will scream out 2 names and comment that the SEASCOPER have some parts looked too heavily inspired from those 2 labels, the “narrow design” of the bezel that resembles RADO’s DIASTAR, and the crown part where it had pointed out by you, very “TUDOR” inspired.

        With your review… i guess i got to start saving up now… to get a SEASCOPER with bracelet… duh… which i may eventually change to a NATO to prevent scratches…


  2. I have a Seascoper from the sixties which I bought in Hong Kong. I looks perfect, works perfectly and I am quite proud of it. One sees very few Titonis in England. I have wondered at its worth – any ideas?

  3. Titoni is a great brand. Enjoy!


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