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Tissot Announces Seastar 1000 Chronograph

Dive Tissot Watch News

In anticipation for Basel 2011, Tissot recently released photos and details of their new addition to the Seastar line. Dubbed the Seastar 1000 Chronograph this new model’s case stretches an almost insane 48mm wide and houses the entry level ETA C01.211. The C01.211 is generally seen in Swatch chronographs and is a cheaper option than the venerable ETA 7750. The Seastar 1000 chronograph will be available with an optional PVD finish  to match either blue/black or orange/black color schemes. Not to be confused with a fashion accessory, this new Tissot will boast 300m water resistance, a helium escape valve and a sapphire crystal. While the combination of some smart and minimalist styling with respectable stats makes this Tissot seem appealing, we cant help but wonder how the 48mm case and bargain movement will effect long term popularity.


  1. I have a total of 4 Tissot watches in my collection. 2 are quartz, one being the T-Touch Expert Titanium a PRS516 and the other 2 are automatics with ETA Valjoux 7750 movements. They are an entry level watch, but be wary because this is where most of us probably began our crazed collecting hobby!! It only gets better from here!! And as Maxwell Smart used to say “And Loving It”.

    • Yes I absolutely agree !!  Started with 1 Tissot & 2 weeks later I now have 7  🙂

  2. Oh, bye the way, the watches are good value for money when you consider they have day/date and a chronograph if that’s what you want, but the only issue I have with the 7750s, is that they don’t always manually wind very smoothly. Almost like they are jarring somewhere for some reason.

  3. It is a great watch! I can hardy wait to buy it. I read in http://www.naro.gr  that its price willi be around 1.000 – 1.800$. Does anybody has a more accurate info ?  Its simply beautiful!!!!

  4. Its an exquisite watch! But i wonder, when will it be available in the philippines?

  5. The 7750 is a testy bit of a movement as it has to be ‘wound’ in a certain way or the mechanism breaks. I’ve read this happening on numerous other internet sites addressing this ‘intrinsic’ flaw of the 7750 movement. I had an expensive watch with this movement, and yes, experienced this very problem. Got it fixed (was quite expensive) and once I learned the proper winding procedure have had no problem since. I have two Panerai watches, one with a straight on Unitas movement and the other (a Titanium model) with a ‘worked’ Unitas movement. Now there’s a workhorse movement that “Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.” All that said, I have a Tissot 1853 Seastar 1000 diver model I’ve put a matching high grade blue stingray strap on. The CO!.211 movement works like a charm, only looses minimal time a day, and has not given a day’s problem in the years I’ve owned it. It’s my day-to-day go-to watch. Some have said that it has too much plastic/nylon, including the escapement. Well I can say that nylon possesses its own lubricating properties thus not requiring only 3 to 4 year check ups, compared to the yearly check ups/maintenance a metal escapement system requires. Also, it should be noted that the original Lemania movement the CO1.122 was based on itself possessed plastic/nylon parts and yet it was considered one of the most dependable work horse movements ever put into a watch. Frankly, I find CO1.122 to be a sleeper of a value and as the years go on will be a hit, especially as it substantially reduces the price of the fine encasements they’re placed to a very affordable option. I have friends and business associates who wear Rolexes, Sinns, Titumas, Breitlings, etc., who have offered to trade theirs for my CO1.122 movement Tissot Seastar because theirs has broke or given problems on outings while mine has stood up to the knocks, bangs and elements without a problem. quite a testament to quality and great engineering if I might say.


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