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The UTS 4000M Diver, now with GMT!

Dive Watch News

German dive watch manufacturer UTS has announced availability of their new deep divers watch simply called the 4,000M. Available in three-hand or GMT versions, this 45 x 17.5 mm stainless steel watch will be best paired with a large wrist. The 4,000M (13,123 ft) water resistance rating has been achieved by using a 6mm thick sapphire crystal which, for reference, is half as thick as the entirety of my Omega Seamaster. Making it to 4,000M is not a lazy man’s game, for those keeping score that is 100m further than the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea and this new UTS matches the water resistance of the ludicrous 48mm Hublot King Power Diver.

The three-hand UTS 4,000M is powered by the ETA 2824-2 while the GMT version sources its skills from the ETA 2893-2. The large stainless steel bezel is actually bi-directional and uses ceramic ball bearings for smooth and accurate action. The crown at two o’clock activates a locking system to keep the bezel safely set in place. Pricing is set at €4500 ($6000 USD) for the three-hander while the GMT will list at €5000 (~ $6650 USD). While this pricing is rather expensive given the 4,000M’s use of ETA movements, it is noticeably cheaper than the $10, 650 list price for the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea (116660) or the $19,900 Hublot is asking for the titanium King Power Diver.

With only 200 units of each model being made, the UTS 4,000M will be more limited than its Rolex and Hublot counterparts. While we don’t fully understand the appeal of a watch capable of withstanding 4000m worth of pressure, there is no arguing that a market exists for these large and over-engineered timepieces. We have our fingers tightly crossed that UTS will some day announce a slim 200m diver that features much of their excellent styling and case design, but in package intended for the more slim-wristed among us (myself included).



  1. Nice. But no way I’d pay this much for an ETA movement. 

  2. There are so many more expensive watches with ETA movements, but I would hate to forget to lock the Bi-directional rotating bezel. Could be catastrophic!

    • I own one. Received it a couple months ago. It’s a very much “tool watch” with a serious pedigree. (Seriously; ONE guy makes these.) ETA movement. Ok; there are a million of the 2824-2 movements out there. That is a great thing! Plenty of parts and experience to adjust/clean them…unlike the Lemania 5100 used in older chronographs! A bit pricey? Not to me, considering how exclusive these are (200 pcs.) This is a “tank”of a watch; no gimmicks or marketing nonsense. Go buy a “stamped” case with all the hype you want. UTS makes dedicated “tool” watches. If you need hats and t-shirts to declare your fine; albeit misguided, taste, go for it. UTS makes the real deal.

  3. Reminds me a little of the Ball DeepQuest 3000. I think Tritium tubes should be used with watches that are so capable of these depths.

  4. Beautiful looking watch with an original design. Having owned a 3000m I can
    say the new 4k is worth every penny. The bezel action is unlike any watch I have ever seen, even unlocked
    It is not moving without turning by hand it is that precise. Not many choices for a movement other than ETA for a
    small brand doesn’t bother me in the least. I also think the price listed is well “list price”

    • Absolutely agree, Donald…

  5. Thanks for the article. Great GMT watches and they have ETA movement, I never thought to buy these watches, its too expensive.

    Yebhi Coupons

  6. That is one beefy looking watch!  When not diving to absurdly deep depths, it would look fantastic in this Wolf Designs watch winder.  


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