Gruppo Gamma Divemaster Giveaway


Gruppo Gamma Divemaster Giv*CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED*

CONGRATULATIONS TO Eric Hansen, the Winner of the Gruppo Gamma Divemaster!

Watchreport and Gruppo Gamma have teamed up to give away one of their Divemaster Watches. Winner will recieve a choice of the D-01 or D-02 models.

The Gruppo Gamma Divemaster is currently up for pre-order. You can check out all the specs and info here:

This giveaway contest will run for 1 month. These watches are not produced yet and are slated for an October delivery (barring any delays).

The winner will be one of the first to have a brand new Gruppo Gamma Delivered to them.

If you want to see even more about these watches, you can see the Watchreport hands on review here:

Prototype Photo:

Gruppo Gamma Divemaster Giv

How to enter:

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That is it!

Please follow both Watchreport and Gruppo Gamma on Instagram, and please share this giveaway on your social media or other sites if you are so inclined!

Watchreport on Instagram:

Gruppo Gamma on Instagram:

Giveaway entry dates: Contest will run from Thursday August 25, 2016 to Sunday September 25, 2016.

Winner will be picked at random from list of eligible entries using a random generator.


Please read the full terms and conditions for giveaways here:


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