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Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition Review

Hands on Watch Reviews Titoni

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Titoni Seascoper 300, a slimmer, slightly more subdued version of the Seascoper 300. Titoni has released a new version based on the 300, the Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition. This new model is available in 2 colors, all-black DLC, with a black dial and grey indices and hands, and this all-DLC version with a vibrant metallic orange dial. Both versions come on a fitted rubber strap with a deployant buckle, a textile strap in the box, sapphire crystal, a ceramic bezel insert, and a COSC Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. These new watches are extremely limited though, with the all-black limited to 300 pieces, and this orange dial only 100 pieces worldwide. Pricing is $1,850, and I love this orange dial, and I feel almost everything is perfect. Almost.

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition


  • 42mm Stainless Case, DLC Coated
  • 51mm Lug to Lug
  • 12.55mm Thick
  • 131 Grams in Weight
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Ceramic Bezel Insert
  • 300m Water Resistant
  • COSC Sellita SW200-1 Movement
  • Rubber Strap and Textile Strap
  • Limited to 100 pieces
  • Price $1,850 USD


First, there was the 600, then the Carbon Editon, then the 300, and now the Titioni Seascoper Color Block Edition, which is identical to the Seascoper 300, with just a few minor changes. Case dimensions, movement, and dial configuration stay the same, but now for the first time, the Titoni Seascoper case is all DLC coated. The Carbon 600 versions do have that blackish look about them, but nothing like the deep dark black of this brushed case with polished lug chamfers. I am a massive fan of the stainless Seascoper and when they released the 300 with some new colorways, I was excited, but seeing these now in all black, and especially with this orange dial, this model just really pops. Black and orange is a great combo for watches, and this may be one of the very best black and orange watches I have seen to date.

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

The orange dial is the standout here, but this is no ordinary orange, this is an in-your-face orange, a deep metallic orange that reminds me of a tangerine or even the color of a basketball at times. Light and the crystal can make it appear in different hues depending on the angle, but if you want a vibrant orange dial, this is the one. And unlike some brands who do a black case and put out a few new models with a new coat of paint, Titoni didn’t stick with the dials from previous models. The layout is the same, but the hands, text, and logo have all been given the black treatment as well, making this watch really pop. Beyond the dial, you have the ceramic bezel insert, not fully lumed, only the pip, and overall it looks great, but I think an opportunity was missed for a matte ceramic bezel. I think it would have tied everything together just a little better as this insert is a little flashy compared to the rest of the watch.

One big change from the previous 300 Seascoper, is the case back. Most of it stays the same, with the porthole window and all, but instead of that awful mirror-like polish, I mean truly like a mirror that you can see your reflection in, now it is all circular brushed, and of course, all DLC black. Titoni did make a faux pas on the back though, and that is not individually numbering these limited watches. With only 100 to go around, it would have made sense to do this, and even with a high number of limited editions, the watches are marked as such, but here all watches will say, ONE OUT OF ONE HUNDRED. No way around it, that’s odd.

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

Unlike the 600, there is no helium release valve, and being only 300m water resistant, it keeps the thickness to only 12.55mm, keeping the Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition more svelte on the wrist, but this is still a 42mm dive watch, and with the crown and crown guards, you are talking 45mm, and don’t forget about the 51mm lug to lug. Combine that with a fitted rubber strap, which is going to add a bit of length to the wrist, and no, this is not your latest microbrand 39mm diver on the wrist. This watch does wear larger than most 42mm pieces, and for a 7 1/2 inch or 19.05cm wrist, I think the dimensions are perfect.

One thing that isn’t perfect though is the rubber strap, or more specifically the deployant buckle. The strap itself is fantastic, with no holes for a clean look, the deployant is easy to slide on and lock into place to get a perfect fit, and for someone with really small wrists, you can even cut off a small portion (they have it marked with a line and another hole to attach the clasp), to help it to fit your wrist better. But, the clasp itself is a little odd, and when you wear it, there will be protruding metal against your wrist. Unlike my experience with leather straps with this buckle, on the rubber, I find it much less intrusive and can wear this watch a little looser than I normally would, and yet the fit is perfect. That all said, I think if the part that touched your wrist was flat, it would be a perfect clasp and set up for the Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition.

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

So while the Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition may not be revolutionary and is only a new colorway for this phenomenal dive watch, it may be my favorite version of this model to date. I find myself gravitating more and more to all-black watches and while I am sure the stealth version of this model is very sleek in person, this crazy orange dial against the deep black of the case and the bezel is where it’s at for me. The numbering thing, or lack thereof, is a little concerning for me, and it may be the first time I have seen that from any brand, and the buckle could use some minor tweaks, but in the bluntest terminology, I find this to truly be a badass piece, with excellent details and finishing that Titoni is known for. Remember, there are only 100 of these to go around, and at the time of this review, the first batch of the Orange dial is currently sold out, with more on the way shortly.

Titoni Website

Titoni Seascoper Color Block Edition

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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