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Titoni Impetus CeramTech

In the world of wristwatches, dive watches are immensely popular, so much so that all watch enthusiasts must be professional divers. In all reality, dive watches are generally considered the best all-around watch, rugged but refined, high water resistance, easy-read dials, and great lume. What if you could get all that without it being an actual dive watch? Enter the Titoni Impetus CeramTech, a 200m stainless steel and ceramic watch with a screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, a large easy-to-read dial, and of course an automatic movement ETA 2892-A2. And this is all in quite a unique and standout design. This watch is available in a few colorways, some quite funky, and comes with a fitted rubber strap and a premium stainless steel bracelet for just under $3000.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech


  • 43mm Stainless Steel and Ceramic Case
  • 11.90mm Thick
  • 50mm Lug Tip to Lug Tip
  • Lug Width 25.75m/12.50mm 
  • 198 Grams in Weight (Bracelet)
  • 123 Grams on Rubber
  • Bracelet and Rubber included 
  • Sapphire Crystal front and back (dual AR coating)
  • ETA 2892-A2 Automatic Movement
  • Screw Down Crown
  • 200m Water Resistant

Price USD 2,970


Titoni Impetus CeramTech

Sometimes when watch enthusiasts see something that isn’t the norm, they immediately disparage it. Yet, these are the same people who are always asking for something new and different from watch brands. While the Titoni Impetus CeramTech takes inspiration from other watches, it’s hard to deny it’s a beautiful watch, at least for me. I have always touted Titoni, I admit, and with that, I am probably biased, but they make a hell of a watch, and yet people just can’t seem to either get past the name, or they say this brand has no heritage because they have only been marketing in the US (online mostly) for the last 10 years, so because you don’t see it on a billboard or magazine, it must be a no-name brand or some new brand, etc. The reality is that the brand has been around for over 100 years, and while not every part of their catalog appeals to me, sports watches like this one surely do, and that’s because they are well-made, well-put-together pieces.

Alright, with my little endorsement out of the way, let’s talk about this Titioni Impetus Ceramtech, which doesn’t roll off the tongue I admit, but name aside, what we have here is a pretty unique piece. It isn’t a dive watch but this stainless steel with ceramic exoskeleton case does have 200m of water resistance and a screw-down crown, is a solid, hefty piece, and as usual with Titoni, when you look all around, it is beautifully put together and finished, something one would expect for the $3000 price point.
The silver dial with blue accents I have here is one of the more tame or traditional colors, and there is a beautiful blue dial version as well, but if you want something a little more outside the box, check the Titoni website to see the teal versions, or the PVD teal, black, yellow version. Not for me, but I am sure some will love it. I went back and forth on what model to have them send me, and ultimately I went for this silver and blue, maybe because it is wintertime in the northeast, maybe because it’s just different from others I review, or maybe just because this is such an out-there design, yet this colorway is more restrained and I like the dichotomy between that.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech

And I realize, people want a lot for their $3000, especially if it’s from a brand that they don’t immediately recognize. This new model has a design that well, is inspired by others, but as usual, isn’t ripping off any model or brand either. The 12-sided bezel is reminiscent of the Aquaracer, and yes in this style of watch the Oris Aquis is most known for this type of lug integration, but this watch is not a dive watch and in reality, doesn’t look like either of the two watches I mentioned nor wouldn’t anyone mistake it for that either.
The stainless steel and ceramic case is the most intriguing element of this watch and I have to admit, I did have to look this watch over quite a few times to see how the ceramic is attached to the stainless steel case. I’m still at a loss for how it was done, they blended it well together but how is it done? Glue, hidden screws? Is it press fit into a cutout case? I don’t know, and that is the one thing that bothers me slightly, is how will the ceramic parts of the watch hold up over time, and whether can they be repaired. The ceramic wraps around the sides of the case, as well as underneath the non-rotating bezel, and you have ceramic touches on the top and middle of the screw-down crown.

The dial mimics the pattern you see in the ceramic on the sides of the case with the ribbed cutout lines, and I like this look a lot, it’s simple but well done and just enough for it to stand out. What stands out to me on the dial are the applied indices. These are just striking indices, that look like they were carved out of solid pieces of metal, beautifully chamfered and polished, and with a nice touch and attention to detail. The diver-style hands do remind me of Clerc, but they oddly seem to match the overall theme and look of this watch. The one area though that I don’t love is the model name on the dial. I am not sure if it’s the font or just the size,  but I wish they left off the element designation for Zirconium Dioxide from the dial. The silver dial, blue lettering, hands, and chapter ring really pop though, and I think this colorway will be a sleeper hit for this new model.

Titoni Impetus CeramTech

I have seen quite a few remarks about how this is quite expensive for a watch that isn’t a dive watch, and why have a numbered bezel if it doesn’t rotate? Now I didn’t know that expensive dive watches get a pass or how it would legitimize this piece more if it were a dive watch, lets face the reality-. Most people don’t dive. I know I don’t. If you do, I am sure you know the proper watch and equipment to use, and you’re probably not looking at $3000 watches with ceramic cases anyway. For this Titoni Impetus Ceramtech, I think the bigger issue comes down to the movement, or more specifically, the movement choice. Why is this watch housing an ETA 2892-A2 instead of Titoni’s T10 caliber?

Well since I was not there at the production meetings, I can’t answer that question, and while it should be easier to service the 2892, it did have me scratching my head a little. That said, the 2892 is no slouch and Titoni did make sure to put a laser-engraved 18k gold rotor, which you can see through the exhibition case back. It’s regulated and timed of course and all that, but I guess I was expecting the T10, especially for this price point. 
To put this Titoni Impetus Ceramtech on the wrist, you have a choice of a stainless steel bracelet with push button easy extension clasp or a color-matching rubber strap. Well, you don’t have a choice, as both the bracelet and the strap come standard with the Ceramtech and I’m sorry, this does need to be shouted out. I review a lot of watches, from a wide range of prices, brands, and styles and most brands do not offer both a custom rubber strap and bracelet, even at this price.

Both the bracelet and strap are fitted with high-quality quick-release bars, with hexagon-style pushers, and I will admit, from someone who always touts real spring bars, when the quick-release system is done like this, I am a fan. Switching out between the bracelet and strap is ridiculously easy, and most of the time I do it on this piece without even having to flip the watch over or set it down on a table. I still question the longevity of all these systems, so only time will tell how it will hold up, but it is well implemented on this piece.
One thing I haven’t talked about is size, and yes at 43mm the Titoni Impetus Ceramtech isn’t a sub-40 mm watch as they have just not jumped on that train yet. Titioni still makes what some consider bigger timepieces and while I’m not wearing 46mm monsters anymore, I take szing on a watch-by-watch basis. With the 50mm lug to lug, the way the lugs hug the wrist, and only being 12mm thick, I love how this watch wears on my 7 1/2 inch (19.05cm) wrist. I love it on the rubber strap just a little bit more just because of it being lightweight and how it hugs around my wrist, but the bracelet is no slouch at all, It is a beautiful hunk of metal and even though the clasp doesn’t have that groovy push-button mechanism in the plum blossom logo, it is still a very high-quality piece.

Even though this watch doesn’t fit into the normal watch categories, and they probably could have phoned it in on the lume, Titoni did not. This luxury sports watch has more glow to it than I was expecting, and matter of fact while it may not be one to light the hallway in the middle of the night, it will last pretty much all night. This is some strong lume.

It is quite obvious this watch won’t be for everyone, (though which watch is?) but I have taken quite a liking to this Titoni Impetus CeramTech. Again, naming aside, this is a wild piece, that is extremely well made and put together, something I think people just don’t realize. I think some may see these watches posted and just pass them by or keep scrolling, and I am not sure why. This model, as well as any other I have checked out from this Swiss brand, would hold up next to any other watch at the same price point, if not surpass it. Now again, that’s my opinion, but I have also seen a lot of these watches in person, and know that these watches are damn good pieces. I hope soon others, especially in the USA, start to realize that as well.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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