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The Watch Report Holiday Buying Guide

While we seldom need an “official” reason to buy a new watch, the holiday gift-giving season is about as good an excuse as we could hope for. In fact, the only concern left to the average holiday watch shopper is what to choose from the thousands of available options. Let us put your mind at ease with this simple gift guide featuring a selection of watches ranging from $42 to over $5800. These is not a definite list of awesome watches (too many to list these days) it is just a guide to get you, or a generous loved-one, looking in the right direction. Happy hunting:


Up to $200 – Deals can still be had with this list of excellent quartz and automatic sport watches.

  • Casio DW5600E – Simple, cheap, digital ($42, Amazon)
  • Timex Military Classic – Military style, PDV case and indiglo lighting ($65, Amazon)
  • Citizen BM8180 Eco-Drive – Affordable, legible, Eco-Drive  ($87, Amazon)
  • Citizen AU1040 Dress Watch – Eco-Drive, versatile and classic styling ($132, Amazon)
  • Phosphor World Time – E-Ink display, unique design, world time ($150, Phosphor)
  • Seiko SKX779 or SKX781 – “The Monster” – a gateway drug to dive watches ($190, Amazon)
  • Seiko SKX007 – 70’s Seiko styling, automatic, great bracelet options ($198, Amazon)

Up to $500 – Looking for an upgrade? These watches feature better movements, additionally innovative designs and excellent value.

Up to $1000 – This is likely the “best bang for your buck” range. We have selected only a few of the many excellent watches available at this price point.

Up to $2500 – A more serious watch for a more considerable price tag. Spending well over $1000 can get you a well known brand, specialized design or even an in-house movement.

Over $2500 – If you’re seriously considering spending over $2500 on your next watch we recommend a lot of research and to visit an authorized dealer to see the watch in person and on your wrist. The luxury market has a lot to offer the well-heeled buyer including options like the Bremont Supermarine s500 ($5500), the UTS 1000m V2 “Pacific Horizon” ($3800), the Longines Column-Wheel Chrono ($2850), or the newly refreshed Omega Planet Ocean range ($5800 and up).

Choosing your next watch is almost as much fun as owning that same watch. The options presented above are just a snapshot of an entire world of watches made up of options for every budget and designs for every wrist. None of the links above were sponsored by the vendors and Watch Report recommends due diligence in choosing a trusted online vendor and cannot guarantee the performance of any of the above outlets. If you believe there is a specifically excellent model we neglected to mention, please post it in the comments or tweet it @WatchReport.


  1. Great list, but I really think there needs to be a Damasko watch on there somewhere.  Damasko is, imo, one of the most underrated watch brands in the world.  Both ETA and manufacture movements (now), with ridiculous technological innovations for the money (their in-house cases are amazing) , especially compared to the closest competitor, Sinn.  I’m particularly fond of the DC67. 

    • Thanks for the note. Here is a link to the watch http://www.damaskousa.com/damasko-dc67.asp as mentioned. Looks good indeed, high contrast black on white dial, cold hardened 42 mm steel and a reliable ETA 7750 chrono movement. Priced at $2650.00. 

    • The UTS blue dial is only $2500 on sale, great watch.

  2. Why Appella not?

  3. Great list! CItizen Promaster and Halios Laguna caught my eye.

    • I still have my Halios Laguna (was bought for the review), great watch and I think they are planning to have more in stock for December.

  4. Armida A1 would be good addition to list. 

  5. Like the inclusion of Nomos.  Any plans on reviewing?  Not a lot of info on them, but I think it  could be one of better buys out there for a dress watch…

  6. There may be a lot of us out there who want great looking watches, but have no interest in automatics, only quartz. It seems that most of the really interesting watch designs are only found on automatics. How about a list of watches for those of us that want the look of a Longines Column-Wheel Chrono in a $250 quartz instead of a $2,500 automatic.


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