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Chanel Launches Boy•Friend Watch with NYC Pop-up

Chanel Launches Boy•Friend Watch with NYC Pop-up Pop-up boutiques are very hot these days, especially with companies that want to draw attention to a new product or line. The latest brand to use this ploy to launch its latest collection is Chanel, which opened a pop-up in the New York City Meatpacking district over the weekend to show off the Boy•Friend line of watches for ladies. The bo...

Chanel Releases Boy.Friend Watch

Chanel Releases Boy.Friend Watch What do you buy for a lady who keeps borrowing your Chanel watch? Provided she’s your wife or girlfriend rather than an international jewel thief, the new Boy.Friend model from Chanel could be the ideal gift. Despite the title, there’s nothing boyish about the new line of women’s watches by Chanel. Rather, the Boy.Friend resembles a thinner, less ...

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