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Review of the Bianci H262LWS

Bianci Formal Ladies' Watches

Face We don’t have as many reviews of women’s watches as we should, so this one will be a welcome addition. Say hello to a newcomer, Bianci Watches, and their ceramic model H262LWS. Let’s start off with specifications:

  • Swiss quartz movement using a conventional battery.
  • 38.4mm wide by 12.2mm thick; 42.7mm across if you include the crown.
  • Cubic zirconias on the bezel in two concentric rings.
  • 140g with all bracelet links.
  • Non-locking butterfly deployant clasp.
  • Ceramic case and bracelet.
  • Sapphire crystal.
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft).
  • Lumed hands.
  • $329 from the Bianci website (get 20% off with the discount code “watchreph262”).

Please read on for the full review and pictures.

BoxOne of the nice things about watches as a hobby is that there continue to be new companies creating new and interesting watches. Bianci contacted us and offered to send us a couple watches for review, and I am quite pleased to report that they make good stuff.

Let’s start with the packaging. For the price, the cherry-finished wooden box is an unusual and luxurious touch. The outer white cardboard box has warranty card and serves mainly to protect the display box.

The watch case and bracelet are “ceramic” which actually refers to several different materials (see wikipedia for more on ceramics). Chanel is the inspiration for this design, with their iconic 1999 introduction the J12. Other companies such as Rado made earlier ceramic cases, but I’d say that Chanel popularized them with a style popular with both genders.

BackIf we look at the back, you can see how the caseback screws directly into the ceramics, and how the crown has an inset cabochon of the same material.

Depending on which particular ceramic this is (it looks like an alumina-based oxide to me), it should wear extremely well. There’s no details given as to hardness, so it’s impossible to say for sure. It should maintain the high-gloss finish and color much longer than stainless steel would.

The bracelet, aimed at women, does not latch. The butterfly deployant is held closed by spring action and is invisible on the wrist. Practical and minimal, and since this is more of a dress watch, a good solution. Notice in the picture that there are still steel pins in the links; some parts are more practically made of metal.

BraceletAs an aside, note that the bezel is actually a divers’ design, rotating unidirectionally. However, since there’s no markings, it’s basically an artifact and not functional for timing. Maybe they could put a different jewel color as a zero marker? Could be a nice and unique touch.

Crown-sideThe ceramic is hard to describe. It’s semi-translucent and very glossy. From a distance, it can look like the sheen of plastic, but in bright light you can see a glow as some light penetrates and is reflected out. Interesting stuff, and a cool way to make a watch.

Between the sapphire crystal and ceramic case, this should be a watch that stays new looking for many years. I’d recommend it for the woman who likes a nice watch but can be hard on things.

Value is very good to excellent. Sapphire and ceramic is very rare for the $329 Bianci is asking. The fit and finish are quite nice all around, and the display case makes for a nice presentation. (Yes, she’ll think you spent more than that when she unwraps it!)

Our thanks to Bianci for the review watch, and stay tuned for the review of the Pro Racing model.

By Paul Hubbard

Update: The H262 has a variety of dials and colors, see this page for a listing.

Update 2: Bianci is offering a 20% discount for Watch Report readers with the code “watchreph262”.

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