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Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT Watch Review

Hands on Watch Reviews Nezumi Studios

Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT

The year of the GMT continues and this Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT is a nice affordable automatic GMT with a vintage-inspired design, two dial colors, sapphire, and a Seiko NH34 GMT movement. This new model follows the vintage and racing design Nezumi is known for, and comes in two colors currently, a black dial, and this amazing teal blue shown here. At 40mm thick double domed sapphire, it’s a little on the small but chunky side, but I also find that part of this watch’s appeal, as well as its starting price of $335.

Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT


  • Automatic GMT cal.NH34 movement by Seiko
  • 40+ hours of power reserve when fully wound
  • Fixed bezel with a 24h scale
  • Custom cream-colored Grade A Swiss Super-LumiNova®
  • Brushed 316L Stainless Steel case
  • Water resistant to ( 20 ATM ) 200 m / 660 ft.
  • Diameter: 40mm excluding crown
  • Case height: 12mm (+1.55mm domed glass)
  • Lug to lug: 47mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • Screw-down crown with trademark branding
  • Screw on machined case back with branding
  • AR-coated double-domed sapphire crystal

Starting price $335. Price on bracelet- $410.


Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT

Yes, the GMT watches are running wild, and I bet we see this continue into next year until the new trend arrives, but for right now, everyone needs to know what time it is in another timezone, even though we all have phones that can tell us this without even looking at the phone. All joking aside though, for those that want to be able to use their wristwatch for this feature, I don’t think I have ever seen so many GMT watches out on the market. Every brand seems to be dipping its toes into these watches as well, probably because the movement manufacturers, like the Seiko NH34 and Miyota by Citizen, are pushing vendors to use these newer movements. Not all of these GMT watches are created equal, even if they use the same movements, but I will say, that the Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT checks a lot of boxes.

At 40mm, it’s not a massive piece, but that is the trend these days with smaller watches, though this watch never felt small on my 7 1/2 inch (19.05cm) wrist. Maybe that’s due to the lyre or twisted lugs, maybe because of the thickness of the case or protruding crystal, or maybe it is just because I am getting so used to these 40mm watches as I have to review and wear so many of them. Either way, this has proven to be a very comfortable piece, with a large enough bracelet for those with wrists much larger than mine ( I removed 5 links) and the rubber strap (also available is a leather strap), comes in a few different colors, but I needed to have the dial color matched strap, as I just think this blue color is striking and matched with the same shade of blue for this superb rubber strap is the way to go.

The dial of the Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT is pretty well laid out, with large hands, massive yellow GMT hand, and not overly cluttered with text. One omission is the date, and that seems to be something overlooked by a lot of these new GMT microbrand watches, no matter the movement being used. I have seen some complaints about this from readers here and viewers on our YouTube, and they are right in saying, who wants a watch that tracks multiple timezones but doesn’t have the date? It does make sense. If I don’t have to look at my phone to tell my time as well as another state or country, should I have to turn to it for the date?

Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT

Speaking of turning, the screw-down crown is a nice touch, as well as that 200m of water resistance, because well that is not always the case with these GMT watches. For some reason, brands think because it’s not a dive watch, that people don’t want it to be just as functional. I can understand if a brand is doing a dress-style watch, but if it’s a sports watch like this one, a field watch, a pilot, etc., please, give us the screw-down crown like Nezumi did and at least 100m of water resistance. If we are going to use this watch to travel, it would be good to know we could use said watch for any occasion and without worry.

The stainless bezel does not turn, or more specifically, rotate, and while it is not much of a factor for me, I do understand that some would like to be able to have the bezel turn, ostensibly to track a third timezone. I have seen fixed bezels on other GMT watches, and I am sure it is an added bonus if you can track 3, but as is the case here, only two. And with this NH34 movement, this is a caller GMT as it is referred to, so no independent jumping hour hand either.

Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT

As I stated earlier, this watch does check a lot of boxes, and that is true, but there are a few things that I don’t love, which is usually the case, but one in particular I think we all can agree on. Brands need to stop putting quick-release pins, especially on bracelets. These pins are extremely prone to breaking, and I did just that. Went to take the bracelet off to put on the bracelet, the one side was stuck, and when I say stuck, no movement whatsoever would budge them, and eventually one of the prongs broke off. This led to having to order replacements from Etsy, which did not fit as these are very thin 1.3mm spring bars, and then another batch of bars from Amazon, standard 1.3mm spring bars, with no quick release. In the end, this wasn’t very quick at all, and standard spring bars are much more resistant to breakage.

Now, like I said, it is easily rectified, but it is annoying and at the very least, brands should put an extra set in with the bracelet, for when they inevitably break. Now the next issue, is much more subjective, which is the end links. You notice that these end links on the Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT do not curve into the lugs and case, but more go straight in, horizontally What this does, is leave a significant gap when you can see the inner case between the lugs. I am told this was a design choice, and I am sure that is the case, but I just don’t really love the look, and as such, I much preferred wearing this watch on the rubber strap. The rest of the jubilee-style bracelet is well made though, with friction pins holding the links and a nice, but standard flip-lock clasp with a good amount of micro-adjustment holes. *The bracelet is currently out of stock. Nezumi Website states it will be available again on October 10, 2023, *
I can’t recall how many years it’s been since I last checked out a Nezumi, but it has been a few, and I can easily say this is the best watch that they have produced to date. I love the case style, and though I am not one that needs or really uses the GMT function, I am always attracted to GMT watches and this one really appeals to me with the case design, dial color and layout, and that double domed sapphire. My issues with the pins and bracelet aside, I loved wearing this piece, especially on the rubber strap, and keep in mind, if you go with one of the strap options, we are talking about a watch that costs less than $350, and for that price, its hard to find a better looking GMT. In my opinion anyways.

Nezumi Studios Aviera GMT

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. I can’t say that I’ve heard of this brand before. Looks nice. I’m always looking for a good looking GMT. I’ll have to check them out.

    I disagree with you about the quick-release spring bars though. I not only don’t think brands should stop using them, but in fact, I think they ALL should use them by default. The only exception would be for those with drilled lugs. There is much less chance of scratching up the lugs when you want to swap out a strap. The bracelets with double spring bars are a plus too.

    I’ve never heard of anyone but you who has had issues with them. I think there is just as much chance of a standard spring bar breaking as a quick-release. In fact, I’ve encountered the same problem with a standard that you described. That said, there are definitely different qualities of spring bars just as there are watches. Perhaps Nezumi skimped on better quality spring bars or you just simply got a bad one.

    • We can agree to disagree. I’ve had countless watches with them, especially at the $500 and under price and they all have broken on me.
      Now some of the higher end watches have done some really great quick release mechanisms that are much more sturdy.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion. 👍


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