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Atop the dial you have a sapphire crystal with an inner AR coating, and a date magnifier. As I state in the video, I am not usually the biggest fan of the date cyclops, but on this example, it really magnifies the date well and makes it much easier to read. As you can see with the M50, the running theme is easy to use, easy to read.

momentum m50 mark II

I show both the bracelet and rubber strap in the pictures, to show the options that are available. If you are a bracelet guy, the $50.00 extra is well worth it in my opinion. The bracelet is solid with a solid end link attachment and uses friction pins to hold the links together. A flip lock dive clasp with dive extension rounds it out and is all finished in the same matte bead blast as the case. While the bracelet is not super thick, it does have some nice weight to it, and the design is a bit different, where the center links raise about the outer links, giving that 3D effect and makes it stand out from your standard oyster style bracelet.

momentum m50 mark II

If a metal bracelet is not your style, then look to the natural rubber strap. Many know that I am a big fan of Isofrane rubber straps, and if I am going to do a rubber strap, that is what I prefer. I have always said though, that the natural rubber straps from Momentum were a close second. The reason being is that much like the isofrane, it is natural rubber, infused with that vanilla scent, pliable and breathable. Notice the vent holes on the strap, that is where the breathability comes in. Another nice feature of the rubber strap is the use of steel strap keepers, as opposed to rubber. These help keep the strap in place securely, more so than rubber, and match the case finish as well.

momentum m50 mark II

If you are a lume junkie, look no further, as this lume dial lights up like no other. The glow it gives off, reminds me of the TImex and  Casio watches with the electro-luminescent technology. Except there is no button needed here, just a charge from a light source. And I noticed that just regular wearing through the day, kept the dial sufficiently charged to glow for many hours throughout the night.

On the wrist, these days I prefer the rubber strap, both for look and comfort, but that is only because I have moved away from bracelet in the past few years. Both look great and feel good on the wrist, and the bracelet is very large, easily fitting up to an 8 inch wrist or more.

momentum m50 mark II

As I stated in the beginning, this is a no nonsense, rugged dive watch that is meant to be used. There are no gimmicks here, no fancy caseback, no marketing ploys. The M50 Mark II is a real dive watch with a Japanese quartz movement with quality components ready to take anything you can throw at it. Whether you are a real diver or a desk diver, I think the M50 will be at home. Usually I can find some parts of the watch that I can nit pick or find issues with, but that just isn’t the case here. We always say, Real, Honest Review, and this time, I honestly feel the Momentum M50 Mark II is a great dive watch at an affordable price.

And if quartz is not for you, Momentum does make a version of this diver (albeit with a different dial) in an automatic, with the M30.

This is where to purchase the Momentum M50.



Thank you to Momentum for providing the review model.

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I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.


  1. Is there any coupons and offers available for Momentum M50?

    • Since Momentum does not sell direct to consumer and only through dealers, you would have to check with dealers and websites to see what promotions or specials they are running.

  2. It is a great look watch and anyone like to wear it.

  3. Nice article, thanks for the information. It’s very complete information. I will bookmark for next reference.

  4. Nice review! Thanks!
    With sapphire crystal and a special kind of bezel, I think that M50 is a watch with high value. Momentum has become almost a mainstream brand now!!

  5. Hi, Can you help me to get best websites where I can find discount coupons or deals for M50? That would be great if someone provides them.

  6. Great review! Is this available in India?

  7. Cool Watch!! shipping available to India?


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