Charmex Swiss Military Conger Nero Auto Review

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What are some of my favorite features of the Conger Nero you ask? The bezel, and the lume. The bezel is easy to grasp and turn, and just has a solid, fluid feeling. The rider tabs, as I call them, really make it easy. I love how the inner portion of the bezel is “cut out” from the outer portion. For a company that makes watches for serious divers, the bezel is easy to read, and one that looks like it would be very useful in a dive. The bezel is also fully lumed… for when us non-divers want to time an egg in the dark. 🙂


The lume, as mentioned, is my other favorite feature. Excellent and long lasting superluninova on the bezel, hands and markers. Many micro divers have come to be known as the kings of lume, and when you see a watch such as this Charmex, you expect the lume to be equal to or if not better than these micro or boutique divers, because hey, if they can do it for a $500 watch, a $4000 watch should have it as well. Fortunately, for the lume junkies out there, you will not be disappointed.


There are many things I really like about the Charmex Swiss Military Conger Nero Auto. It is overall very well built and solid, and one that I feel is a true dive watch. One you can take into the ocean and never have to worry about. I wish the case back was not so thick, and I am not sure if it is needed to make this watch 2000m water resistant. One thing of note, the chronograph pushers are fully operational with unscrewed pushers, to a depth of 300 meters. Diving below these depths, the pushers obviously need to be screwed down tight.


Personally I would love to see an all titanium version. Titanium would greatly reduce the weight, and make it a little more wearable on the wrist. As it stands, I do not think this is going to be your everyday watch. I think it is a little too big and heavy for that. But, there is a huge group of guys that love watches this big, the bigger and chunkier the better. And for those people, you will love this watch. It is a quality diver with a great movement, and all Swiss Made. And with Charmex Swiss Military, you know these watches are actually tested to the depths and tolerances they claim. Thank you to Charmex Swiss Military for providing the Conger Nero Auto for review. You can see more about it here, or to purchase, on their website HERE.


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