Ladies’ Watches


Review of the Yes Tati

View the Yes Tati photo gallery. I'm a big fan of Yes watches. I reviewed the Yes Zulu two years ago, and I have the black Kundalini which never fails to draw attention. So when I heard some time ago that Yes was working on an all-digital watch, the project...

Rolex Runs in the Family

I already told you the story of my father's Rolex. It's a 1965 Rolex Oyster Perpetual that he received from his father as a high school graduation present. Apparently a new Rolex cost all of $125 back then, which is about $750 today. Anyway, now it's time to tell the...

TechnoMarine Launches the First Color Ceramic Watches

There isn't a whole lot of information available on the new TechnoMarine ceramic ladies' watches, but here's what I know so far: Although TechnoMarine is not the first to create a ceramic watch, they are the first to add color. Apparently, the process of making a ceramic watch is such...

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