New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

Casio is well known for combining digital watches with all kinds of gadgetry: calculators, remote controls, cameras, GPS devices, MP3 players, and now, according to the Department of Homeland Security, bomb detonators. MSNBC is reporting that the DHS and the FBI issued a warning to the Transportation Security Administration today stating that al-Qaida may attempt to use watches with cigarette lighters or Casio watches with built-in altimeters to detonate bombs on board US airliners. "Rec..

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Has Casio Perfected the Digital Watch?

Casio's solar powered atomic watches are the ultimate in digital watch technology, says Kazuo Kashio, president and Chief Executive Officer of Casio. According to this article in the Times Online, Mr. Kashio (or, as we Westerners might pronounce it, "Casio"), believes watches that don't require batteries and that are always correct are pretty much the perfect digital watches. "From my experience of the watch business, I think I can say that our solar-powered watches that set themselves by r..

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Casio Introduces New Square Baby-G Series (BG180 and BG184)

I'll admit that Watch Report tends to be a little biased toward men's watches, but being a pretty big G-Shock fan in general, I have to make the occasional exception for Baby-G's. If you're a guy, and you're about to head off to Google to search for a more manly watch, aren't you forgetting that it's almost the holidays, and that Casio Baby-G watches make wonderful and affordable gifts? As far as I know, these are the first G-Shocks (Baby or otherwise) to appear as anything other than rou..

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Review of the Casio GW-1100 Analog G-Shock Tough Solar Waveceptor

I reviewed this watch's all-digital little brother about a month ago, and found it to be a good watch for someone who needs something durable and inexpensive. If you're really into Casio G-Shocks, though, you'll definitely want to look at something more like the GW-1100 and its peers. This is a big, bold G-Shock that's just about as feature-rich as they come. It's not exactly a lightweight, inconspicuous timepiece, but people don't wear G-Shocks when they want their wrists to go unnoticed..

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Extend the Warranty On Your G-Shock For Free

All you have to do is take a survey, and apparently your warranty is extended for an additional year.  It's not clear whether you have to register your watch, as well, however I would assume so.  Registration can be completed online right here. While I have the attention of G-Shock fans, witness the evolution of the G-Shock through this interactive timeline, or take a peek inside a G-Shock watch...

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