The Casio Futurist

Casio continues its foray into the world of women's fashion. Late last year, I wrote about Casio's introduction of the square Baby-G series, and now they are marketing to fashion-conscious women once again with the new Futurist. I have to admit, when I first saw a watch by Casio called the Futurist, I started envisioning things like GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GSM, so I was a little surprised to basically find just a lot of hot pink. But I think the idea of combining fashion and technology is ..

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The Vibrating Casio G-Shock GW-400CJ

The folks over at Wrist Dreams have picked up on the new vibrating Casio G-Shock GW-400CJ-1JF marine sports watch. I was just commenting the other day on how Casio is really pushing the limits of digital watches, and as if to prove my point, they announce one of the most interesting and feature-rich digital watches I've ever seen. The most unique feature of the GW-400CJ is that the countdown timer, alarm, and time signal can use a vibrating alarm rather than an audible one so that it can be ..

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The Casio Overland

Of course, the Casio Overland only appears to be available in Japan (aren't all the coolest Japanese watches?), but if you have some strings over there, they might be worth pulling to get your hands on one of these. In my opinion, the Casio Overland is the nicest looking solar Waveceptor to date. Here's the skinny on the Casio Overland: Tough Solar. Solar cells in the dial keep the watch's battery charged. I have a couple Casio Tough Solar watches, and I've found that this system works ..

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Casio Introduces New Oceanus Alarm Chronograph

Casio has introduced a pretty nice new Oceanus with both an alarm and a chronograph. Features of the Casio Oceanus Alarm Chronograph include: Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). 3-dial chronograph (resolution of 1/20 of a second). Daily alarm with snooze function. Date display. Stainless steel case. Mineral glass crystal. Black or while dial. Quartz movement (+/- 20 seconds per month, 2-year battery). Retail price about $129. ..

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Casio Responds to DHS Security Advisory Regarding Altimeter Watches

A couple of weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a warning to the Transportation Security Administration stating that al-Qaida may attempt to use Casio watches with built-in altimeters to sabotage US airliners. The idea is that since Casios are readily available and very affordable, budget-conscious terrorists could modify a Casio ProTrek or Pathfinder so that it could detonate a bomb at a specified altitude (I suppose you wouldn't want to blow up a Suunto, Tissot, o..

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