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The watch you wear can say a lot about who you are and what you value in your life. Brera Orologi watches are made to help you show off what your interests are. Started in 2008, the watchmaker faced challenges right off the bat.

The economy was terrible and it was difficult for businesses to stay in business, let alone for new companies to get started. It proved to not be a problem for Brera Orologi as a result of the unique timepieces that combined a good value with uniqueness, functionality and stunning good looks.


To this day, the company maintains the standards that helped it to be successful even in a time when most businesses were shuttering their doors or making massive layoffs. This attainable luxury watch for men proved you could be successful even in hard times.

Design Edge

One of the reasons the gamble paid off was a result of combining Italian design along with Swiss-Made movements. By providing a stunningly beautiful watch along with complete accuracy, it was possible to create a watch that was not only fun to look at, but maintained its functionality at all times.

It was like having a fine Italian sports car that would never break down or stop providing you the ride you fell in love with when you first purchased it.

Produced with high standards, Brera Orologi comes in several collections. From divers to military style watches to chronographs, you will have the kind of watch that meets your needs and your lifestyle. The different design elements allow you to go from simplistic to watches with several functions and dials.


No matter which of the watches you choose, you will have a watch that will provide accurate timekeeping for years to come.

Each Brera Orologi timepiece comes with a warranty that covers the watch from any defects at the time of production. This is a testament to how well-made the watches are and how you can count on them to continue to work for years to come. Simply choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your personality and you will enjoy wearing it constantly.

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