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Racing cars has always been an inspiration for others to aspire to better. This is exactly what founder Dion McAsey had in mind when first introducing these watches to the world. Bringing you the Magrette Timepiece was just the beginning of what Dion had in mind.


His acute attention to detail earned him a place among the winner’s circle for all the people not afraid to get their hands a little dirty and race until the finish line was in the rearview mirror.

From racecars to motorcycles, if it was fast and it could be raced, it served as an inspiration to create some of the most celebrated timepieces in the world.

Made for the RACER in you

Belmoto represents a human being of action, much like the founder, Dion, himself. Being yourself is the cornerstone of the watches that have been created and everything they stand for. You can show that you are a person of action and that you resemble the qualities of self-reliance, craftsmanship and leadership.


Every watch is made with these essential fundamentals in mind. After all, only a finely tuned and accurate racecar will finish the race first. The watch that stands up to the racer will be the one used again and again on and off the track.

Design Styles

Belmoto watches include design elements like dual faced and single face watches. The sturdy construction is intended to keep your watch safe even when you’re doing you best to not be safe. From the dials to the cases and on to the bands, you will find a watch that not only meets your needs, but will get your heart racing. Wake up the racer in you today when you select one of these great watches and wear it across the finish line.

More than just design
Blending masculinity and taste making into one great watch, Belmoto has accomplished the feat of creating watches that are at the heart and soul of every man who encounters them. Not only will you have a race inspired timepiece, but you will have a timepiece that is made to look great whether you’re dressing up or down. Just put on this watch and you will feel inspired.

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