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Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio Watch Review

Hands on Watch Reviews Zodiac Watches

Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio

Summer has started and that means summer watches. We are starting a summer series of reviews, dedicated to watches with bright colorful dials, pastel dials, and colors that scream summer. The Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio has just been released (or will soon be released). First was a Red Bar collaboration that brought back the Red Dot series, limited to 200 pieces. Zodiac is coming out with a standard version on June 17 for those who can’t pick up one now or prefer one without the Red Dot. Both watches use the same case, bracelet, bezel, and movement, but the Red Bar gets the Red Dot on the dial, and case back and you get an extra strap as well. This is the same watch as the original Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver I reviewed a couple of years ago when they were first released, except this one now has an STP 1-21 COSC Movement.


42mm Case
20mm Lug Width
50mm Lug to Lug
14.3 mm Thick
167 Grams on Bracelet
Sapphire Crystal
300m Water Resistant
ISO Compliant
STP 1-21 COSC Movement
7 Link Stainless Bracelet

Price $2,295


If you are not familiar with the Pro Diver lineup from Zodiac, they debuted back in 2022, and they had them in a few colors when they were first launched. These days it seems beyond this Pistachio model, all that is left for sale is the standard black dial with black bezel, and a GMT leftie model. At one point there was a titanium model as well, but those seem to all be sold out as well. So when Zodiac contacted me about this new Pro Diver, I was excited and I initially expected for it to have more changes. As it is, the only change to this model from the original releases is the movement. There has been no change to the case, the crown, the case back, or the bracelet.

Speaking of the movement, the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio uses the STP (Swiss Technology Production, owned by Fossil) 1-21. This movement replaces the STP 1-11. Turns out, STP has had quite a few hiccups over the years and there were a lot of complaints about the 1-11, with many reports of the movements being faulty due to bad quality control. There is not a lot of info on this new movement and I have not had this watch in hand long enough to determine if there are any issues, and the only thing I can see that is now different is it has less power reserve, from 44 on the 1-11 to 40 on the 1-21. I have read this movement is -upgraded. Whatever that may mean, let’s hope the quality control is up to par and there are fewer reported issues with this new movement.

So, while there are no changes to this new version, the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio does have something pretty cool, and that would be the Pistachio-colored dial. This color can look different depending on lighting (as is the case with a lot of dial colors), but in this case it looks more pistachio indoors, and outside it has more of a mint hue. Either way, I love the looks of this dial, the color is great for summer, and the black hands and outlines on the indices help with visibility and make everything pop. The red text on the bottom of the dial matches the red on the bezel triangle, though I would say this is a little more faded red than a cherry red color.

Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio

While I can’t say how this movement will hold up over time, one thing I can commend Zodiac for is removing the date wheel for this no-date watch, which means no phantom crown position. The crown is still decently large, flanked by some chunky crown guards. I do say one thing I have noticed when it comes to the crown is it does feel like the crown stem may be a little long, as it does feel like it takes more of a push and a few more turns to get the crown to screw down, but nothing feels like it is sticking nor does it have a scratchy sound to it either. The bezel is still 120 clicks and it has a lumed ceramic bezel insert.

And how is the lume of the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio? The full lume dial is fantastic, the dial itself glows bright, as does the bezel but the indices due seem to fade much quicker. Not sure why this is, either the compound used for the indices or just fewer layers applied, but I don’t think you will have an issue seeing time in the dark at all, and if you are a lume junkie, you will love wearing this watch in the dark.

Like the original, the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio has a 7-link bracelet, with high polish on alternating links to match the high polish on the crown and outer bezel edge. These bracelets have the Zodiac spring clasp system, as this is a dual deployant clasp with no micro-adjustment holes, but each side of the clasp has a stretch link, that will help when it’s hot out and your wrist swells up a bit. It’s an innovative system, but I would still prefer a well-designed dive clasp.

On my 7 1/2 inch (19.05cm) wrist it is very comfortable. I enjoyed this bracelet 2 years ago, and I still enjoy it now. It is one of the better 7-link bracelets I have tried, and it just drapes and flows on the wrist, while it is solid and well made it doesn’t add a ton of weight to the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio.
Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio

Picture taken outside on iPhone 14 Pro

Picture taken on Canon Mirrorless in my studio

I love the look of the Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio and it is a great way to start the summer series reviews. The dial color is fantastic, will look great with your summer fashion, and be at home on the beach, ocean, or while you are at work, as a constant reminder you are not on the beach. Wherever you wear it, and whatever the season, I still think the Pro Diver series from Zodiac is there best-looking dive watch they have produced in the last 20 years. The clasp I would like to see upgraded and maybe some new bracelet or strap options altogether, but this pistachio dial should be a mainstay within the collection.
One thing I did notice is the pricing. Now a lot has happened in the last two years and inflation is real, but the price for the original version was $1,695. Today, the price for this Pistachio dial, the original black dial is $2,195, and this one is $2,295. That is $500 more for the black dial and $600 more for this Pistachio. While you can save $100 right now on any watch over $1000 on the Zodiac website, I would feel this would be a much better value at under $2000.

Zodiac Pro Diver Pistachio

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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