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Zelos Eagle E-1A

Zelos Eagle

  • Case : 42mm 316L Stainless steel DLC Coated
  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Lug to lug: 52mm
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Movement: Miyota 9015
  • Crystal: 4mm thick double domed Sapphire. AR coated
  • Water Resistance: 200M
  • Engraved logo on crown and buckle
  • Sandwich dial: top layer matte sandblast, lower layer circular brushed
  • BGW9 Superluminova
  • Packaging: Aluminum display case, Canvas strap, Brown Vintage leather strap, Steel Warranty card

Price: $760.00 USD

Zelos Watches are no stranger here at WatchReport, as I have shared reviews on the Zelos Chroma and the Helmsman, both very nice watches for their price points. With the introduction of the Eagle, I can easily say this is Zelos’s best watch to date, in terms of design, construction and innovation. Quite frankly, this is not your run of the mill microbrand watch. And I don’t say that to put any other brand down either. I review each watch for what it is. The Zelos Eagle is not a sub homage, it is not a IWC Big Pilot homage or a vintage style diver. No, it is a unique piece that took a lot of thought and skill to bring it all together. Does it sound like I like this watch? It should. It is one of the few watches I review where I can say the negatives are very, very few. Plain and simple, this watch is badass. Intrigued? Then continue reading below.

Zelos Eagle

Now at first, a 42mm case that is 16mm thick that is not a dive watch, sounds a little odd. But then when you look at the case design, it is easy to see why Zelos chose to make it so thick. Also keep in mind, the 16mm in thickness is measured with the domed sapphire crystal. If measuring just the case itself, it comes to 14mm. I have seen a few comments so far when posting teaser shots on social media about the height, and I don’t think some realize that the crystal is included, so I wanted to make sure to point that out.

Zelos Eagle

So, why doe the case need to be even 14mm thick? Well, just look at it, and the two piece design. The inner case is bead blasted and then done in a DLC coating, and the machined grooves are meant to replicate those of a jet fighter engine. Jet fighter engine you ask? Yep, if you didn’t figure it out from the model name, Eagle, this is technically a pilot style watch. A pilot style watch with a lot of lume, a sandwich dial and a screw down crown helping to achieve 200 meter water resistance.

Zelos Eagle

Back to the case design, the outer case is done in DLC as well, but this time in a brushed finish, and while it might not be noticeable right off the bat, it does create a contrast to the bead blasting on the inner core. The edges of the skeletonized case are well defined but are not sharp to the touch. This was something I was curious about when first looking at photos of the Eagle. The screw down crown protrudes from the inner case, and while the crown is long, it is somewhat small in diameter, making it a little difficult to manipulate, more so with screwing it back into the case than anything.

Zelos Eagle

Looking at the dial you can see it has a two piece construction as well. The center dial is stark black, while the outer dial is grey with stencil numbers, where underneath the lume compound is applied, giving it that sandwich dial and unique illumination. I personally love sandwich dials. ( I love sandwiches as well, which is why I am 20 lbs overweight. ) Wait, wha? OK, back to the dial. Sandwich dials do not look great for every watch or design, but I think it fits perfectly here with the Eagle, and I like the font they chose for the numerals and markers as well. You will see the Eagle lacks a date, and some may find that to be a negative. I personally think it keeps the dial clean and uncluttered, though a date window at the 6 o’clock position would have been good as well.

Zelos Eagle

When it comes to the case back, you have a sapphire crystal allowing you to see the movement; what many call an exhibition case back. Actually, in this instance, you can not see the movement (Miyota 9015) because it is covered by a turbine back-plate. One, I think it just looks cool. Two, As I have said many times before, a stock Miyota 9015 is just plain ugly and boring. I prefer to have a solid case back in those instances. With the turbine decoration, it looks great and of course goes along with the theme of the watch. The contrast of the steel turbine against the outer portion of the case back in DLC is also quite good looking as well. There is really not an angle of this watch where it does not show off its beauty or uniqueness. 

Zelos Eagle

I am addicted to the vintage grey canvas/leather strap. ADDICTED. Many are probably aware I love leather and canvas straps, and this one included with the Zelos Eagle was super comfortable right out of the box. The canvas is a medium gray color that has some frayed edges and the leather backing is like that old leather jacket that was taken well care of; darker in color in certain areas and weathered, but so comfortable. Wow, I am starting to make myself sick here with all these compliments. Do I not have one negative? Well, I do, and it concerns the extra strap that comes in the package. The “vintage” dark brown leather does not feel vintage to me, nor is it a very good looking strap in my opinion. It is stiff, and to be honest it could break in nicely, but with the canvas/leather option I saw no need to even attempt to change it up.

Zelos Eagle

There is no doubt that I am in love with the Zelos Eagle. And for quite a few reasons. One, I love the fact that a microbrand is thinking outside the box, giving it a go at their own designs instead of going the off the shelf route. Is the design the most amazing thing ever? No. But is it pretty awesome when this case design is coupled with the dial, ice blue BGW9 lume, sapphire crystal and a well regarded automatic movement for well under $1000? That’s a big yes.

7 1/2 inch wrist for reference:

Zelos Eagle

Make sure to check out the video at the top for an even better look at the Zelos Eagle.

To see all of Zelos’s collections including the two other variations of the Eagle, (One in solid bronze), click HERE

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