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Watch Review | Peragine Nayroh Grande Automatic

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Peragine Nayroh Grande Automatic

I’ve been at it again folks, attempting to find another great watch value on which to report and this time I have found a very nice pilot style watch from Peragine Watches to discuss. The Nayroh Grande is the first watch model produced by Ivan Peragine. According to Peragine, the Nayroh Grande is a tribute to the IWC “Big Pilot”, which had a significant influence on the size and styling. From an historical perspective, pilot watches and pilot style watches have been produced with massive case sizes ranging well over 50-55mm so for those that enjoy oversized timepieces, the Nayroh Grande while not quite that large will most certainly satisfy. The word “Nayroh” is Italian for the color black. The hope is with growth of the Peragine label, the use of Italian color terminology will be tied to “tiers” of watch movements used by the company in order to aid consumers in understanding why various price points and styles exist. It will be interesting to see how the tier system concept will work as the company grows. The Nayroh Grande is available in four different dial colors and case finishing white and silver, black and silver, gray and black and finally black and black. My review will focus on the white and silver model, but aside from the color of the dial and case finishing, the watches are identical. You can read more about the Peragine brand by going to: http://peraginewatches.com/. The Nayroh Grande has an extremely palatable retail price of $345 USD and comes with the following basic specifications:


According to Peragine, every part of the Nayroh Grande was custom designed from the ground up except for the movement. The company spent a great deal of time focusing on the design to ensure the case contour was perfect, which is important for any watch with a significant case size. What I can report is that I have seen other pilot style watches with a similar case design but agree that the design on which Peragine settled contours to the wrist quite nicely for a large watch. The watch case consists of both brushed and high polished finishes, both of which are as flawless, for a watch in this price category that I have come across over the years. As mentioned previously, the case is composed of stainless steel and measures a substantial 47mm in diameter and 51mm including the crown. The lug tip to lug tip measurement is also massive at 56mm but due to the case construction will contour to larger wrists quite nicely. I’d be careful if your wrist measures under 7 inches unless you are comfortable with a bit of overhang. Even though the watch is quite large, at 13mm tall and with a weight of a mere 116 grams on the strap comfort shouldn’t be an issue at all for anyone. A large watch typically equates to having a proportionately sized crown, which in this instance, measures 8mm in diameter. The push/pull crown has a ton of flair with a tiered design consisting of a coin edged surface closest to the case stepping down to a smooth surface closer to the crown face. I also really like the large “P” company logo etched on the crown face. The crown on this particular example is quite firm with no play whatsoever when engaged. Overall, the case provides a classic pilot watch design and contours quite nicely to the wrist.


The Nayroh Grande is fitted with a large sapphire crystal measuring 40mm in diameter which provides are great view of the white dial. The crystal has an anti-reflective coating which keeps glare at a minimum. Beneath the crystal is a gorgeous snow white dial which has markers and numerals painted on the dial in glossy black. One of the most important features of any pilot style watch is legibility and the Nayroh Grande passes with flying colors. The dial is not sterile but is very clean and uncluttered with very limited branding above and below center dial. Besides being heavily influenced by the IWC Big Pilot, Peragine mentioned to me that other Italian influences impacted the watch design. The numerals on the dial remind me slightly of Panerai, however, the layout itself reminds me of certain characteristics at least with the numerals and colors found on certain Sinn watch models. One of the design features that stood out the most to me on the dial are the stick hands. I can’t recall many pilot style watches with a thin stick handset, but may be drawing some influence from the larger Sinn thick stick handset designs? Overall, the dial is quite appealing providing a significant amount of surface area which is clean, uncluttered and will allow for easy discernment of the time, which is of the utmost importance with any pilot style watch.


The case back is screwed down to the upper part of the case. The case back has general specification information etched around the perimeter about the watch model, which is typical of many case backs and also includes a large “P” at its center. Beneath the case back is a modern Miyota 9015 automatic movement. I have found of the last few years that the Miyota 9015 can be just as accurate and reliable as the much more expensive ETA alternatives. In the instance, the movement has been extremely accurate at around +8 or so per day. Overall, I do not believe Peragine could have chosen a better movement for their first watch model.


Finishing off the Nayroh Grande is a quite comfortable black leather strap. The strap is quite lengthy, as you will see in the video and photos, allowing a fit on wrists well over 8 inches in diameter. Now as I mentioned in the video, I had some concerns regarding the overall strap thickness as compared to the large watch case. I mentioned that the strap was padded in the middle but it tapers off at the edges to about 2mm in thickness. Since the watch case is large, as a personal preference, I believe a 3.5 to 4mm thickness all the way across would just look and feel better on the wrist. The watch feels just ever so slightly top heavy and unbalanced but might be completely different to someone else. The strap is finished off with a sturdy signed brushed buckle. As a bonus, every Peragine Nayroh Grande comes with an additional black leather strap. I chose to leave the white stitched version on this example due to the stitching providing the perfect contrast with the white dial. The black stitched strap would look great but is better suited in my opinion for the darker dial colors available on the Nayroh Grande.


The Nayroh Grande is a solid first production from Peragine Watches. The model is highly legible, which is necessity for a good pilot watch, while also providing quality specifications such as the oversized sturdy case design, sapphire crystal and a quality Miyota 9015 automatic movement. If you are interested in grabbing a modern pilot style watch at a very palatable price, then I highly suggest checking out the Nayroh Grande. I would like to thank Peragine for arranging this review with WatchReport.com and I would like to thank each of you for reading. Please take a moment and view the brief video presentation included with the review and subscribe to the WatchReport.com YouTube channel. I look forward to your thoughts and comments as always.

Michael Wolfe has been a watch fan for years. Michael has been developing his watch review techniques over the past 4-5 years. His true passion involves reviewing dive watches in any price category, but also enjoys stepping out and reviewing other watch styles from time to time. Michael is developing a reputable following and solid reputation for the insight he provides through his reviews. When Michael isn't immersed in a watch review, his other interests include following college athletics and spending time with his family.

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