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While were on the subject of the dial, let’s discuss the lume of the M68. One word describes it all. Bright. I don’t consider myself a lume junky by any means, but I do expect a higher standard of lume when comes to a couple watch brands, and Lum-Tec fits the bill with their M series. Again, with the large sword shaped hour/minute hands and backfilled dial, reading the time in the dark is a breeze and the lume lasts long enough to get you through a movie with ease.


Moving on to the case, I have to say is my second favorite part of the M68. I’m a big fan of simplicity and clean design and I feel the M68 has both. Constructed of 316L stainless steel with a nice brushed finish, you’re getting a high quality casing with the classic cushion design. The case measures in with a measurement of 44mm (my sweet spot for my 7” wrist) and has a thickness of 14.5mm. The overall case has a large stature on wrist, but is rounded out with the subtle cushion style, giving the watch a bold yet elegant feel at the same time. Adjacent to the 3 you’ll find the large (measurement) screw down crown that is easy to manipulate with zero play. Sealing the crown is Lum-Tec’s double diamond sealing system, assuring you the comfort of the 300m-water resistance.

Topping off the case and dial is a flat double AR coated sapphire crystal. Personally, I prefer sapphire to mineral crystals all day and I feel anything less in this price range is cutting it short. Being double AR coated, the dial is extremely easy to read, and almost appears to not have a crystal at all. Again, in this price range I’d expect nothing less than what comes with the M68. Even the quartz versions in the M series come equipped with single AR coatings.


Flipping the watch over you’ll notice the threaded sapphire caseback. I can go wither way with casebacks, as I really have no preference to display-vs-soild casebacks. I will say that I do tend to hear more rotor noise when it comes to display casebacks. It could just be my ears, but it is something that I personally noticed in different watches. The M68 remains clean with no rotor graphics, but personally think it would be a nice touch to have the LT logo etched on the rotor to add just a bit of fair. Either way, the caseback of this particular M Series is clean sleek.

Powering the M68 is the Japanese automatic Mioyta 9015. A lot of us are very familiar with the 9015, as it’s a good quality movement that will uphold throughout the life of the watch.


When you purchase the M Series from Lum-Tec you’ll receive the anti-static rubber strap, which is custom molded with Lum-Tec’s logo just under the lugs. You’ll also receive a brown leather strap that is equipped with quick release pins, making the removal of the leather strap a breeze. You will need a spring bar tool when changing out the (also included) stainless steel bracelet and rubber strap. Not only do you get a good quality timepiece, Lum-Tec supplies you with 3 strap/bracelet options, ensuring you a style to fit any occasion. Personally, I’m a fan of the rubber strap for the M68, as I think it supports that gunmetal gray dial that best while being quite comfortable.

The watch and extra strap/bracelet come neatly tucked away in the standard Lum-Tec packaging. While it is another watch box for the closet shelf, the presentation is nice and appreciated.


Overall, I’m a fan of the M Series from Lum-Tec. The M68, in my opinion, is a great quality watch for the $865 USD price tag. I found the M68 to be comfortable on the wrist versatile enough to fit my lifestyle. Along with the watch, Lum-Tec does offer free lifetime timing adjustments of the timepiece, and customer support, which makes purchasing their watches that more assuring. Check out the M Series from Lum-Tec HERE for more styles and variations. I hope you found this review helpful. Please be sure to add any comments or suggestion in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. I currently own a Lum-Tec M 30 for the past 5 years.. Easily sums up the size an shape I prefer.. Additional sizes above what I just previously stated .. I have watches in my collection that vary in size an shape ..

    So depending on fit an comfort I’m comfortable wearing between 42-50mm.. My sweet spot I would have to say is 45mm..

  2. The straps almost looked silicone in the video, are you sure that it is not?

  3. Love the face on the M 68


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