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The case back is the screw in variety with some expected branding around the perimeter, but nothing significant of note.  Housed beneath the case back is a Ronda 513.1 quartz movement, with which I have no real familiarity. I’ve seen many Swiss Made three hand quartz watches utilize a Ronda 515, so purely speculating, my guess is the 513.1 is very similar to the 515, only an earlier caliber from Ronda. The movement has been accurate and dependable as anticipated since arrival.


This watch model comes with a high quality leather strap that measures 22mm with no taper, and 130/75mm in length, with one fixed and one floating keeper. The quality of the strap is truly as nice as many custom straps I’ve seen through the years. I greatly appreciate the corresponding color of the charcoal stitching to the case and the dial. The small details, such as stitch color, can be so important and TSOVET really came through in that area as the stitching really helps sets off the whole look of the watch. I have to admit, initially when I researched the strap specifications, I was concerned about the length until I saw the amount and spacing of the sizing holes. As you will see in the video portion of the review, I have a 7-3/4-inch wrist, and adequate sizing upward and downward remains present on the strap. I anticipate the strap will fit an 8-inch wrist, but may be near the last hole. Thank goodness for a fixed keeper. Finishing off the strap is a heavy duty Gunmetal finish screw in buckle; another small detail not seen on many watches in this price category.


Overall, the TSOVET SVT-FW44 Timing Gauge is a very nice Swiss Made, 3-hand quartz watch with a bold appearance.  Any movement from Ronda that I have seen has been quite reliable and durable. Add in the fact that TSOVET supplies lifetime batteries and a 5 year limited warranty makes this particular model a nice retail value at $395. The only real area of this model that could be improved upon would be using a sapphire crystal rather than mineral. I’m fairly certain the cost of a sapphire would not greatly impact the retail pricing, and may attract more potential buyers due to the quality of the upgrade. Thank you to TSOVET for providing this model for review. Thanks for reading and please take a moment to watch the video portion of the review.


Michael Wolfe has been a watch fan for years. Michael has been developing his watch review techniques over the past 4-5 years. His true passion involves reviewing dive watches in any price category, but also enjoys stepping out and reviewing other watch styles from time to time. Michael is developing a reputable following and solid reputation for the insight he provides through his reviews. When Michael isn't immersed in a watch review, his other interests include following college athletics and spending time with his family.


  1. Hate to be the grammar police, but in the first paragraph, it should be “piqued” instead of “peaked.

  2. Nice, but it really needs a matching date window. Also, do they offer the strap in black leather? It looks like a great strap, but that color is not for me.

    • No black strap for this particular version. Several models in the Field line it seems with black. Also would be a could custom strap project.

  3. It’s a beautiful watch, straps are also nice. But there should be more color option for this watch, otherwise watch looks very attractive.


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