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Titoni Seascoper 300 Hands-On Watch Review

Hands on Watch Reviews Titoni

Titoni Seacoper 300

It seems some enthusiasts and collectors are still not familiar with Titoni, and even with this latest release of the Titoni Seascoper 300, I have seen some interesting comments. Yes, the 300 is the little brother to the Seascoper 600 and there are some change but the case design and amazing finishing is still here, as well as a COSC movement. Titoni wanted to have a more affordable version of this lineup and also has introduced new colors and new strap options, and decided this time around to use the Sellita S200-1 movement, with a starting price of $1630. The question is though, is the 300 enough, or should you just spend a little more and go for the 600?

Titoni Seascoper 300


  • 42mm Stainless Steel Case
  • 51mm Lug to Lug
  • 20mm Lug Width
  • 12.5mm Thick
  • 195 Grams in Weight (On Bracelet)
  • SW200-1 COSC Movement
  • Sapphire Crystal (Doubled Side AR Coating)
  • Ceramic Bezel Insert 
  • 300m Water Resistant
  • Available with Bracelet, Rubber, or Ocean Strap
  • Quick Extension Clasp
  • Country of Origin Switzerland

Price $1,750 on Bracelet


Before the 300, there was the 600, a kind of reverse order, but we definitely need to address it. When I reviewed the 600, the price was just a little more than the current price of this Titoni Seascoper 300, but that watch also had something no one had really seen at the price point, and that was a manufacture movement. Fast forward a few years, and a lot of things have changed. Prices on everything have gone up and now the 600 is $2,150. I am not sure when that price change took place, but I assume it had something to do with the release of this 300 model. As I said, the 300 retains a lot of what I loved about its predecessor, but there are a few significant changes, some purely cosmetic and some functional.   Titoni Seascoper 300
The case width and length have stayed the same, but the Titoni Seascoper 300 has shaved slightly off the middle, as it is now 12.5mm thick, 2mm less than the 600. Some of that is due to the movement, and some have to do with the water resistance being only 300m. Gone is the helium release valve as well, and something I forgot to mention in the above video is the change in the bezel. Yes, the bezel is still a unidirectional 60-click bezel with a ceramic insert, but a keen eye will notice this one is missing the numerals the 600 had. This is a more subdued bezel and I do prefer the cleaner look. The biggest change of course is the movement, but more on that shortly.

Titoni Seascoper 300

Okay, what does the Titoni Seascoper 300 bring to the table that is different than the 600? Well, to some, myself included the thinner case is more than welcome, as is the removal of the helium release value. Titoni has also expanded the color options, and this time around there are new dial colors, 3 new colors but 5 options altogether. A black dial with orange accents as shown in this review, but there is also a black dial with a blue bezel, a blue/blue combo, and a black dial with a green bezel and an all-green model as well. All have accent colors as well, orange being present here on the black dial. It is very subtle, but a nice pop of color nonetheless.
That inky black enamel dial is still present, massive high polished indices loaded up with lume, and the hands match the indices as well, all chromed out and easy to read against the black dial. A simple date at the 3 o’clock position on the dial if you leave your phone at home and don’t know what the date is, and of course the famous Titoni plum blossom logo. One thing many have stated was they feel the text on the dial is too large, and a little too much. I tend to agree and feel that especially the text on the lower half of the dial could go down a size or two to look a little more balanced.

Titoni Seascoper 300

The case sides are highly polished, as is the bezel edge and crown, and the top of the case is satin brushed, and it all looks gorgeous, but I would love an all-satin brushed titanium with maybe just some chamfers of high polish, to make this watch a little more toolish. But I also understand that this watch not only can be used as a dive watch but will also look great with just about anything one would wear, including a nice elegant night out. The one area of high polish I can not overlook is the case back. This is not just highly polished, it is mirror polished and it is a scratch magnet. The 600 models had a sapphire window here to see that manufacture movement, but for some reason, Titoni decided to not show off the SW200, which is fine, but I think they could have been a lot more creative here than just a mirrored case back.

What else is new with the Titoni Seacoper 300? There are some new strap options, including a fitted rubber strap, but also a recycled ocean plastic strap, which they did send me, and I have tried it out quite a bit. It is much stiffer than I expected, but it does seem to be breaking in and for someone who is not a fan of fabric straps of any kind, like a nato or Zulu, etc, I have to say this one looks pretty good, and the hardware is killer as well. Notice the quick-release spring bars are curved as well, giving the strap a much better fit and look at the lugs. It is also the cheapest way to get into this new 300.

Titoni Seascoper 300

But don’t worry, the same amazing bracelet and clasp from the 600 are present here as well, and it functions exactly the same as well. This is easily one of the best-looking and easiest quick extension clasps out there these days, especially at this price point. Just push the plum blossom on the clasp and you can move the bracelet in and out of the clasp, giving you either a tighter fit or loosening it up if one more link out made the watch too tight for you. I wish more companies would utilize this, especially watch brands that are selling watches for double this price but still using very generic clasp and extension mechanisms.

For someone who is not fully into the trend of 40mm watches and below, and even though I can be converted from time to time, like the Marin Instruments Skin Diver, I do love that Titoni decided to keep the 42mm size and not downsize it to 40mm. The size, heft, and feel of this watch on my 7 1/2 (19.05cm) wrist is fantastic, no sharp or rough edges anywhere, and it is solid while not feeling heavy. This is a very balanced piece on the wrist, whether it is on the bracelet or this ocean plastic strap.

Titoni Seascoper 300

And of course, don’t think I forgot the lume. This Titoni Seascoper 300 uses BGW9 lume, and not only is it bright, but you can see how evenly filled and just how beautiful it looks in the dark. This is not your $500 micro brand watch lume, and I don’t mean that to be an insult to microbrands, but just one look at this dial, the indices, and of course this lume and you can see this stacks up there with the big boys like Omega and Tudor.

I think now is a good time to discuss the movement changes, and you may be wondering why I waited till the end, and the simple reason is that I think for the price of this watch, there is nothing wrong with a COSC SW200 movement. But 2 years ago, for just about $100 more, the 600 models had the Titoni T10 manufacture movement with double the power reserve. That watch is still available, but the price is not. If the 300 came first, I don’t think anyone would have batted an eye, but now with the price increase I do think it was smart for them to make a more affordable model and with the exception of that silly mirrored case back, this is a fantastic looking and extremely well-finished watch. In this price range, I would say this easily stacks up to the likes of Oris, and for just a few dollars more than some of the most expensive micros like Monta and a few others, you can get this Titoni Seascoepr 300. That said, if you want an even more robust piece, with more water resistance and that higher beat, double power reserve movement, the 600 would be the way to go. You’ll just get fewer color options.
Visit the Titoni Website to see all models and more info here: https://www.titoni.ch/en/collection/gents-watches/seascoper-600.html

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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