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The Human Time Project

Watch News

We love watches, and we assume you do to. Here is a rare chance to direct that love towards a charity AND get a new watch. The concept is simple, doctors that work in third world environments need a reliable watch. They don’t have wall clocks, stop timers, or necessarily even cell phones while many medical procedures require the ability to reference passing time (checking pulse, timing medications, recording/tracking time). A new charity called Human Time Project looks to leverage watch buyers to fund the process of getting a reliable timepiece on the wrists of hard working medical professionals all over the world. So what is in it for you? First, the warm fuzzy feeling you will get from helping out. Second, a watch! For the total price of $95 USD, Human Time Project will send you a watch and send one to a doctor. This is the same social mechanism that made me buy my first pair of TOMS shoes some three years ago. You get a watch, and they send one to a doctor in need. Seems like a win-win to us.

The watch is pretty nice looking too, a 46mm  field watch which boasts a quartz movement, 50m water resistance, and a PVD finish. The design is apparently the product of input from medical professionals in the field and from the SAINZ watch company who is producing the watch. The HTP 1 looks to be legible, simple and reliable.  In addition, the HTP 1 has a canteen style crown protector and comes on your choice of a tan, green, orange, or black nato strap. That is an impressive package considering you are getting two watches for $95 and one of them will make a doctor’s life somewhat easier.

We ordered ours today and should have it on wrist for live photos by the end of year (release is slated for December 16th). We think one of these could make for a great christmas gift or maybe the ideal beater, so head over to their website and order an HTP 1 today and be sure to follow the project on twitter: @humantimeprojct.


  1. This is great idea. We often take much for granted, and do not always appreciate the fact that we now live in a world where time is still essential, but often the means in which we measure it isn’t always the same convenience for everybody.

    If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard someone say that they use their phone to check the time, I’d probably not be rich, but I could probably afford to buy another one of these HTP watches. Personally, I’ve always worn a watch since I was a kid, creature of habit, but I’ll tell you what, it feels good to be able to check the time nonchalantly in situations where pulling out the ole cellphone isn’t appropriate or possible… and yes, there are still those times.

    But getting back on point, let’s not forget there are still people and places where the best tools are the simple ones that work, a watch in the hands of a professional, a volunteer, a doctor is really simple, but no less exemplary case. And both giving and getting a watch for such an outstanding cause clearly transcends any consideration of being trendy.

    Thanks for posting this article and I look forward to your follow up review.

  2. I’d buy one if smaller version were available – 46mm on a skinny girly wrist is disproportionately awkward. I’ll be checking into these guys next summer with their next roll-out and see if a smaller version is available…if so, I’m in.

  3. CLICK AND READ BEFORE YOU BUY THIS WATCH: http://www.seangrant.ca/htpscam/

  4. I ordered mine on 30 April 2012- its 11th July and guess what… still not arrived. 
    Sean- Your girlfrien was very lucky to get any response- i had no reply on my emails, also did try to call them many times- nobody there to answer the phone.

  5. Irregular, HORRIBLE, scam??? Which word should I use to describe my dealings with the company? My son ordered a watch for me for Christmas in October of 2011. Didn’t arrive until April. Watch worked only sporadically for a couple of months, even with new batteries. Returned it and still haven’t received the replacement, after exchanging many e-mails over the next few months. DON”T, DON’T, DON’T buy from this company!!! If they can’t deliver a single watch to Arkansas, it’s hard to believe they can send thousands of watches to doctors in Africa. Smells like a scam to me.

  6. I ordered, mine just before christmas and recieved in march. These guys do produce these watches in batches to cut out the middle man and save you some money, and are completely up front with how long it would take to arrive to me. I ordered a HTP-S, and i like in the UK. I was worried a little about this company after seeing what people have said on the internet, but it mostly seems to be inpatient customer used to items turning up from Amazon in a few days. I followed the company’s Facebook page which is very helpful to keep up to date with your order. The watch itself i could not be happier with, the watch is great quality and will look to buy again if i get a chance.

    Don’t be fooled by those extra harsh reviews on the internet, they seems to be doing some good.


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