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huawei smartwatch


Huawei Watch Available Now

Huawei Watch Available Now Smartwatches aren’t just getting smarter—they’re also getting better looking. One fine example is the Huawei Watch, which draws the inspiration for its classic style from traditional luxury watches but also has the features you’d expect from a high tech device. The first thing you notice about the Huawei Watch is that it looks like a real watc...

$800 Huawei Gold Smartwatch Spotted on Amazon

$800 Huawei Gold Smartwatch Spotted on Amazon Are you craving a shiny gold smartwatch but don’t want to pay $10,000+ for the Apple Watch Edition or even $1,200 for the LG Watch Urbane Luxe? How about a gold-plated Android watch for under $800? Huawei has tried to keep the details of its new smartwatches under wraps until the release date but some of the items appeared for sale on Amazon a f...

Huawei Watch Gets Classy Packaging

Huawei Watch Gets Classy Packaging When the Huawei Watch was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress back in February, the Android Wear smartwatch impressed the crowd with its classy looks. Unlike many of the geeky square-faced wearables from other tech companies, the Huawei Watch has a round face and understated dial for a more sophisticated look. Although Huawei has not yet revealed the price of t...

Huawei Teases Honor Band Zero

Huawei Teases Honor Band Zero The invasion of the wearable devices has just begun and the latest tech firm to bring out a new smartwatch is Huawei, which teased its product with a mysterious tweet this week. The cryptic message said: “#Honor’s smart wearable device that embodies a minimalistic design, that’s #HonorBandZero. #HuaweiFacts.” Accompanying the tweet was a ph...

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