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Luminox Dress Field 1832 | Watch Review

Luminox Dress Field 1832 I have a soft spot for Luminox. It was the first “real” watch I purchased when I was about 16 years old. I got it from a now defunct store by the name of Service Merchandise, a popular store in the USA for some time. They sold many brands from Seiko to Tag Heuer, and of course Luminox. At the time, around 1996, Luminox was still making mostly resin cased watche...

McDowell Time Delray | Watch Review

McDowell Time Delray I admire new watch companies trying to make a footprint in a rather saturated industry. Every time I turn around someone else is trying to release a new watch on Kickstarter or other outlets. The problem regardless of the outlet utilized is incredibly hit or miss as far as making any sort of impact. Tired designs and lack of anything even remotely refreshing many times just le...

GPW Field | Video Review

Video review of the GPW Field Watch

Bertucci Vintage 44 Illuminated

Bertucci Vintage 44 Illuminated First Impression   What is a field watch? What kind of watch would someone want when in the “field”, or hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities? Solid construction. Easily readable. Fewer breakable components. Night-time illumination. Light weight. This is what we have with the Bertucci Vintage 44 Illuminated. Solid titanium construction, inclu...

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