Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus | Watch Review

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Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

When it comes to Flieger style watches, we tend to think of large or over-sized watches, as that is what they were historically. Stowa has a line of Flieger models that have the aesthetics of pilot watches from the past, but in an array of sizes to fit all wrists. Today I review the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus, a beautiful 40mm German Made wristwatch, with an elegant grey metal dial. If you like something a little more traditional, Stowa also has a version with a black dial dubbed just Flieger Klassik. And if 40mm is a little on the small side, a 43mm version named the Sport is also available as well. I will of course be concentrating on this 40mm example but if a dressier flieger is what you are looking for, you will want to read on.

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus Specifications:

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Height: 10.2mm
  • Strap width: 20mm
  • Lug-to-Lug size: 48.6mm
  • Waterproof: 5 ATM
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Dial: glass bead blasted, rhodium plated, black printed, 
  • Hour markers and hands: black matte, C3 Superluminova
  • Movement Caliber: ETA 2824-2 automatic

Price $600 USD (approximately)

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

As you may have already surmised, I really like this watch. The reality is, what is not to like? I actually only have one qualm to point out, which I will in a bit, and it has nothing to do with quality or design. It is a German Made watch, from a brand that has been around for close to a hundred years, and they keep making fantastic watches. Not familiar with Stowa? Click the link above and read up a little. Head designer and watch maker Jörg Schauer knows what he is doing, and continues to build a watch that you will want to pass down through the generations. What is one of the best parts of the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus? The price. About $600. Why is that such a big deal? For a few reasons..

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

While we cover many many microbrands here, and it has been debated over the years what category Stowa actually falls into, they are definitely not an upstart brand. What that means, is you can be most likely assured the company is still going to be around within the 2 year warranty period, and for many years after to assist you should you need it. The all brushed stainless steel case is manufactured in Germany, and finished by hand. As far as I know all parts with the exception of the movement and the strap are made by Stowa in Germany. They are not contracting out to other factories or brands like some others may do. Now, while that is not super important in the grand scheme of things, as the finished product is what really matters, it does give a little more satisfaction to the end user knowing that the company that created their watches not only designed it, but manufactured it, as they are real watchmakers. And at this price of $600 for the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus, that is a rarity, especially today.

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

The biggest thing that separates the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus from the other flieger models Stowa offers is this bead blasted metal dial. Take a look at my pics and make sure to watch the video. It sparkles in the light, looks a deep grey at times, a sparkling silver in others. The contrast between the black hands and outlined markers is just perfect, and matching that is black printing for the brand name on the dial and a white on black date wheel. The dial is simple but refined, and with the right strap can easily be your dress watch, if you choose to wear it in that fashion.

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

Speaking of the strap, that is the one area I was referring to earlier. The grey calf leather strap is just as well made as any other strap I have seen from Stowa, 20mm in width at the lugs and tapers to 18mm at the buckle. It also has a pretty decent length at 130/80, so it should fit up to an 8 inch wrist or so. My issue is the color. If the dial was a matte grey, it might match a little more. As is, the color is off between the strap and dial and it just looks a little odd to me. Now, if you look on the Stowa website, you will see there is quite a few options when it comes to straps, and this one does not seem to be an option anymore. This Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus was sent to me about 2 months ago, and that is what was offered. It seems now you can choose between a traditional brown rivet strap, metal band and a few others. For me, a nice black leather or alligator would look perfect.

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

The C3 superluminova is fantastic, as you can see below.

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

This is not a large watch by any standard really, especially for a men’s watch. For me personally, the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus is the smallest I will go for a watch. With that said, it is very comfortable on the wrist, and I do not feel like it is too small; the large dial opening does give the appearance it is a little larger than its specs. Because is just over 10mm in thickness, this is a great watch to fit under your shirt cuff as well.

7 1 /2 inch wrist

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

The other big selling point of the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus is of course the movement. A top grade ETA 2824-2 Swiss Automatic. Is this the greatest watch movement available?  Of course not, but it is still highly regarded as a great entry level Swiss movement, and has been proven to be a favorite among many watch enthusiasts. These days you see less and less of this movement at this price point, (yes you can get this movement at this price in watches through grey market dealers or a few other exceptions, but on the whole it is rare).

Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus

As I stated in the beginning, there is a whole lot to like with the Stowa Flieger Klassik 40 Ikarus. And I dare say, many will go beyond like, and fall into that going steady deal, and eventually love. Yes, that was a dorky way to explain it, but lets be honest, many of us our in love with our timepieces, and I think that is all well and good, considering how much is spent on them. You should love the watches you own, and why I never tell anyone to buy a watch, this Ikarus model from Stowa is one hell of a watch and at well under $1000 while still being German made and hand finished.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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