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Spinnaker Hass Dive Watch | Watch Review

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Spinnaker Hass Vintage Diver

Spinnaker Hass


  • MODEL : SP-5032-01
  • MOVEMENT : Japan Automatic Multi-function   
  • CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel
  • CASE DIAMETER (mm) : 43
  • CASE THICKNESS (mm) : 16
  • Case Length: (mm) 53
  • CASE Color : Brushed Stainless Steel
  • DIAL COLOR : Black textured
  • BAND : Genuine Leather Strap
  • BAND WIDTH (mm) : 22 at lugs that expands to 24
  • WATCH WEIGHT (g) : 98

Price 495 Euro or $557 USD

Use code “Watchreport’ to save 40% off.

Spinnaker Hass

Ah, Spinnaker. A brand that has been reviewed here a few times on WatchReport, by my colleague Mike Wolfe. This would be the first time I have one in my hands, and with this particular model, the Hass, I am quite impressed, though I have a few caveats. From what I have seen of Spinnaker, this is one of their nicer looking models, and I don’t mean to say I think the rest of their models are not good but this one really grabbed my attention more than others. It probably has to do with the vintage style case, the fact this model is a dive watch and has an awesome textured dial.

Spinnaker Hass

Before we move on, if you are not aware, as was I, what is a Spinnaker? From google: “a large three-cornered sail, typically bulging when full, set forward of the mainsail of a yacht when running before the wind.” Ok. Well there you go. So obviously the brand is themed around sailing, and with that comes diving. I do not do either, but I know what makes a nice dive watch, so I will concentrate on those attributes. But wait, what about the model name, Hass? What is the meaning behind that? Well, I do not know. Looking up the word online the main thing that comes up is a type of Avocado. I have a pretty good feeling Spinnaker did not name this model after an avocado. My best guess would be it was the last name of a famous sailing champion or diver. Or at least that is my hope.

Spinnaker Hass

On to the watch itself. So what are you getting with this model? A 43mm all brushed stainless steel case with semi-hooded lugs, a screw down crown, a 120 click unidirectional bezel with a mineral insert that covers lumed timing markers, a domed mineral crystal and a Miyota 8247 automatic movement and a water resistant leather strap. Spinnaker says “waterproof” but we all know nothing is waterproof, scratch proof etc. The Hass also has an exhibition case back that that has some decoration to the movement and an etching on the mineral crystal.

Spinnaker Hass

The big standout for me is the textured dial with its almost sand like look and the extra-large applied markers. This version obviously is the black dial, but it also is available with an orange or white dial with contrasting hands. Going for that standard dive watch vibe, the minute hand is outlined in orange to easily tell the difference between the two hands while under water, ( or intoxicated). The sub second readout also has an orange hand, while the 24 hour readout has a chrome outlined hand. The dial is beautiful in my opinion, and one thing I am glad is that it lacks a date window. Not that I don’t like the date on a watch, it just needs to be cleanly done. Looking at this dial with its massive markers and the two sub-dials, there was no way that was going to happen. Did I mention the super thick markers yet? I think I might have a few times already, but when was the last time you saw applied markers this large and thick? They give the dial some great added dimension, and as should be with any dive watch, they make it easy to read.

Spinnaker Hass

Above the dial brings me to a point of contention: The domed mineral crystal. Let’s be Frank here, at the retail price we are wanting a sapphire crystal. With the discount I posted above is it as much of an issue? No, but I would still like to have it. The bezel area, which is also mineral, is not as big of a deal to me, because the lens is there to cover and protect the lumed markers, and being that the bezel insert is not very wide and black underneath, I don’t think scratches will be that prominent. I do have to say after a few weeks of wearing the Hass I can not find a scratch on it. With it being a decent sized dome, that surprises me. Maybe it is sapphire coated and the Spinnaker rep just forget to mention it to me? Don’t know.

Spinnaker Hass

The bezel is a little hard to turn, which is due to it being perfectly symmetrical with the case and not very thick. In other words it is hard to grip. It does have a nice ratchet to it and is very firm and precise with its clicks, which is a good thing, it is just hard to get a decent purchase on it. Which is the opposite of the large screw down crown, being easy to unscrew and manipulate.

Spinnaker Hass

I can probably ramble or harp all day about basic movements and display case backs, but you guys have heard it before from me. I will leave that out this time and just say I appreciate the fact that they took some time to not only skeletonize and color the rotor of the Miyota 8247 but also etch the glass case back giving it some personality.

Spinnaker Hass

When it comes to luminosity I can say I was a tad disappointed. With such large markers on the dial and a lumed bezel I was expecting it to be a flashlight. Is the lume still more than sufficient? Yes, but it is not what I was expecting when I first pulled the Hass from the box. If you watched my video review, (wait, you haven’t yet? What are you waiting for? Get to it!), I attempted to give you a live lume shot but it just wasn’t dark enough to do so as I was filming in the daytime and their was too much sun coming in my studio. The lume shot below was taken after a 30 second charge under my studio lights and in complete darkness. While it is decently bright here, the bezel lume fades much quicker, (not a big deal to me) than the hands and markers, but I can say it completely fades in about 2 hours or so.

Spinnaker Hass

My other favorite aspect of the Hass? The wonderful water resistant leather strap. I just cant say enough how much I love this strap. Why? Well, it is premium leather, soft out of the box, more comfortable than almost any strap I have ever worn, and yes I have had some expensive custom made straps. One thing this strap has proven to me is a that it does not need to be a 4 or 5mm leather strap to be of good quality. The strap is comprised of two pieces of leather but is probably at best 2mm thick overall. But this is not a flimsy strap at all. At the lugs it is 22mm but spans to 24mm under the lugs and then tapers to 20mm at the buckle. What is that flap under the buckle you ask? Genius. And in full disclosure, Spinnaker was not the first company to do this, as this was popularized by Damasko and Di-Modell straps. The biggest difference I can see from those aforementioned straps and these, are that they are padded leather straps and this one is not, which for me, is a plus. What does this little flap of leather do? It lays between your skin and the buckle while on the wrist, so you don’t feel the buckle digging in, and just makes it oh so comfortable.

Spinnaker Hass

While I do not like to repeat myself, the word conflicted that I used in the video is the best way I can describe my feelings about the Spinnaker Hass. I love the look, the size, the dial texture and that great leather strap. It is just a good looking and comfortable watch in my opinion and ticks many of my boxes. The downsides of course being the mineral crystal and a 8200 series Miyota movement. Would I like to see upgrades in that respect? Of course I would. The retail price is high in my opinion for what the watch offers, but the Watchreport discount does make it more palatable in my eyes. Is it the next watch for you? Well, of course I can’t answer that, but if you would like to check out more, visit the Spinnaker Website HERE

7 1/2 inch wrist for reference

Spinnaker Hass

Thank you for reading as always, please leave your comments in the field below.

I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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