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Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

The dive watch. We all love them. Well, at least I do. What is better than a really well built, classic looking dive watch? An affordable one. Yes, the Scurfa Diver One 2.0 is using a quartz movement, but it is also $234 shipped and it has all the bells and whistles we look for, including a custom made rubber strap. An evolution to the Rolex Comex divers, and an evolution to itself, as this latest version improves upon its predecessor with better finishing, better components and yet basically the same price. The man behind Scurfa, Paul, never settles and is always trying to produce the best watch he can for the best price.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Scurfa Diver One 2.0 Spefications:

  • Case size 40 mm by 47.7 by 14mm, 20mm strap size
  • 316L Surgical grade Stainless Steel
  • 7mm screw down crown with D1 logo
  • 120 Click unidirectional bezel
  • Aluminium bezel insert with Luminous pearl
  • Blue Super Luminova SL-BGW9 on the dial, hands and bezel pearl
  • Domed sapphire crystal with blue Anti Reflective coating on the underside
  • Ronda 515SM Swiss Made Quartz movement
  • 300m ~ 1000ft
  • Drilled through lugs with strong single shoulder spring bars 20mm X 2mm X 1.2mm
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Scurfa Watches rubber strap based on the Italian leather straps seen on lots of vintage Diving watches today

Price $234 USD with Shipping

Similar to the Bell Diver that Scurfa released in 2016, the Diver One 2.0 is definitely upgraded from previous models. Just taking a look around the case you can see the differences. The lines of the case are sharper, the vertical brushing, the drilled lug holes for easy strap removal, the stamped case back, even the dial indices and hands are cleaner and more precise. While quartz for some reason can be a bad word to watch geeks, I personally have no problem with a great grab and go, especially at such an affordable price point. Even the dial is upgraded, no matte or gloss dial here, rather a slightly pebbled texture that is subtle but appreciated.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0                                                                                                                                 Scurfa Diver One 2.0

I will say that one odd choice for the Scurfa Diver 2.0 was the limited hand color option. Only blue or black dials are offered and they both come with yellow hands. A black PVD variant is offered with orange hands as well. I know there was a numbered limited edition as well, (now sold out), that had white hands but I wish there was maybe black outline hands or maybe even metal hands just to give another option. Granted, this is not intended to be a dress watch or even an office watch, it is a rugged diver watch for actual use or those days when you are wearing the t-shirt and jeans. I personally do not have an issue with the yellow hands but I do think another option should have been available.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

I have to say, when looking around the case, it is honestly hard to believe the cost of the Scurfa Diver One 2.0. The fact that with shipping it can be had for under $250 even with the quartz movement is surprising. Crown action is good, as is the bezel. The bezel insert this time is aluminum, and while I know many these days clamor for ceramic or sapphire bezels, I still like the look of a matte aluminum bezel. It is classic and just works.  The bezel markings are precise and clean, as is the luminous bezel pearl.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Speaking of lume, check out the pics below to see how the Scurfa Diver One 2.0 looks in the dark. You can definitely see this almost all night long.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

On the wrist the Scurfa Diver One 2.0 is a dream. The 40mm case is substantial but not overly heavy, it curves right to the wrist and the accompanying custom made rubber strap may just be the best damn rubber strap I have ever put on. I have had so many types of rubber straps, the Isofrane, the Isofrane knockoffs, Hirsch Straps, even the Everest Rolex rubber straps, and this strap may just top them all. It is not overly thick, feels great on the wrist and looks great as well. As I said in the video, Paul, you need to start making these available on the site for a separate purchase, and in other sizes as well. It is perfect.               Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

Drilled lugs are used this time as well, and also single shoulder spring bars to make the Scurfa Diver One 2.0 even more rugged and secure. I am sure this watch would look great on a multitude of straps, possibly even a nice bracelet, but as I said above, I doubt I would ever take it off the rubber strap. Yeah, if you haven’t figured it out, I love that strap. It is like that great pair of jeans or those favorite pair of boots, you just hate when you are not wearing them.

Scurfa Diver One 2.0

There truly is not one negative thing I can say about the Scurfa Diver One 2.0. I know that is rare for me, but when a watch is built this well, looks this good, and is this affordable, there is nothing bad I can say about it. All the right components are in use here, the fit and finish is of a watch costing much more and to be honest, Paul, the man behind Scurfa is just a good dude. He is not jumping on the bandwagon just because like so many others, he honestly wants to create the best product he can. And it definitely shows. I gladly wear 40mm pieces such as this these days but will say a 42mm piece would be great as well, or maybe stick with the 40mm case size and keep everything else the same, but do an auto version as well. I think it would sell like hotcakes. Or a Kardashian book. Or Justin Bieber tickets. Or whatever the kids are into these days.


I've been an avid watch lover since the age of 7. Watches are not only my hobby but a passion. My favorite style used to be dive watches, but field or non bezel watches have been growing on me. When I'm not reviewing watches I am either cooking or with family and friends.

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