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The Cooper C5 is fitted with a mineral crystal providing an almost 40mm dial opening. As I have mentioned on many occasions, I am a fan of AR coated sapphire crystals and generally expect sapphire on watches in this price range. However, I’m sure the mineral crystal may be a bit more durable and impact resistant over time. Below the crystal is a aesthetically pleasing dial with a ton of character. I really want to point out how unique each dial will be due to the raw look. Some people may consider the raw look, as imperfections on the dial but the markings are actually what provide all the great character and uniqueness to the watch. The dial is extremely clean and uncluttered with a fantastic layout. Minimal branding is present on the dial with only the REC logo below the 12. The dial on this particular model is one of 680 produced from a Mini Cooper with VIN 1121346B. Besides the great raw character of the dial, REC has added white stripes, which really give the watch a sporty overall look. I still believe, due to the case finishing, the watch would be perfect for a wide range of social settings.


All of the hour markers are painted on the dial for this model. I prefer applied markers typically, however, the painted markers just work really well for the overall look on this model. The numerals at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 are a golden/yellow color, which adds flair and sportiness to the watch. The handset on the C5 is high polished to correspond with the high polished finishes on the case. There is no lume on the dial or hands of this model, nor is there a date window. I would personally love to see some lume, but I’m not a huge fan of date windows in most instances. I think the lack of a date on this model is a non-issue. Again, keep in mind each dial on a REC Watches timepiece can be noticeably different and may not look like every other dial produced from the Mini Cooper utilized, which adds to the overall uniqueness of each watch.



The case back is screwed down to the case and has a high polished finish. I am extremely pleased that REC Watches used a screw down back rather than a pop off style. The REC logo and VIN number of the Mini Cooper are etched at the center with various specification information etched around the outer portion of the case back. Beneath the case back is a reliable Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement. The movement has been as accurate as one would expect since arrival.


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  1. Gorgeous piece and thanks for the post! Havent owned a REC before, this may be my first…

    • Chris,

      What’s your favorite aspect?


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