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This is the second edition of this model, with this version including the date. The black and blue color scheme is nice for something different, but if it is not your style, they do make more subdued versions as well. The markers and hands are clean, meaning they were well machined and didn’t color outside of the lines so to speak. I think the reason I kept saying chronograph in the video, was because I am not used to non chronographs with sub dials such as this. While they are not exactly distracting, I would personally like to see a standard 3 hand version, where the subdials are not cutting off the numbers on the dial. (something that I guess is a little pet peeve of mine).

panzera flieger

Covering the dial is a domed mineral crystal, that has a decent anti reflective coating. Now, while I don’t like to harp on things like this, I feel with an Asian movement, I think a sapphire crystal should have been used here, to give the watch a little more bang for the buck. I know some people have no issues with mineral crystal, but I base it on price point. To me, you could save a few dollars by going to a more standard packaging, and use it for sapphire.

 panzera flieger

The case back is an exhibition case back, with a clear mineral crystal. What I do like here, is that the Hangzhou movement is nicely decorated, especially the engraved rotor. As far as the movement is concerned, I have to be honest, I do not have a lot of experience with this particular manufacturer. I did find the rotor to be very loud, and I am guessing this is made more noticeable due to the exhibition back. It could be less audible if it had a solid case back. Crown winding is not as smooth as say an ETA or Sellita, but it is not gritty like a standard Seagull movement either. When it comes to accuracy, I have been watching it for a week, and it has been about 15 seconds fast, which is not bad at all for most movements.

 panzera flieger

On the wrist, the watch is quite large, both in width and length, but the thick and soft calf leather strap is very supple and helps to wrap the watch around the wrist, and make it comfortable. Another nice feature is the use of the deployant clasp. Not only does this save wear and tear on the strap itself, but it makes it easier to take on and off, once you have it set to your desired position. For reference, my wrist is 7.5 inches.

panzera flieger

When it comes to the luminescence, the hour and minute, sub second and power reserve hands are all coated in superluminova, as well as the hour markers. Unfortunately the numbers are not lumed, only painted, and I would have liked to have seen this done, as it would have really lit up the dial. The lume photo shows the watch after I charged it for 30 seconds. While it is decently bright, it lasts for about an hour or so. Though this is something I expected considering the lume paint is blue, and usually this is weaker than C3 or C1 superluminova.

In the end, I think the look is definitely there for the Panzera 47 Flieger, especially if you are fond of large pilot style watches. The color combo I reviewed is my favorite of the all their options, probably because it is just a little different and stands out among the rest. Since this watch is not swiss made and using an Asian movement, I would love to see a 3 hand version with say a Miyota 9015 some day, which I think would be a hit as well for the company. The overall package is very nice, and it does look great on the wrist.

You can check out more from Panzera at their US website HERE. Thank you to Panzera for providing the 47mm Flieger for review. I look forward to your comments as usual, and don’t forget to check out the WatchReport forum as well.


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  1. I have the previous edition without date (“won” for reasonable money on ebay), with the titanium grey case. I fully agree with the review. A nice watch that probably should have had a sapphire crystal at the price. Pine has an AAA grade Seagull.


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